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   Chapter 6 Alexandra Yang (3)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 3377

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:02

When is about to leave, Juliana run to her and hug her legs. Don't leave auntie alex, you said you will come with us. Alex look and smile at Juliana, sweettie, I have work here, I can visit you and you can visit me. You can also call me when you want to talk to me. I will give you my phone number. Don't cry sweetie. Alex's heart ache. She hugged Juliana. Its okay baby, Auntie Alex will be here for you. I will sort out my schedule for you baby. Don't worry, Auntie Alex will be see you more often okay? Juliana shook her head, she really wanted Auntie Alex to come home. She hugged Alex so tight and don't want to leave her side. Okay sweetie, auntie alex will come in your house in two weeks okay? I just need to ask permission from my boss. Juliana's mood lighten. But promise me to behave and follow dad's order okay? Ask Alex. She hugged Juliana. Juliana, auntie alex will work now. Said Tim. Okay, daddy. Replied Juliana. Alex, smiled. Good girl exclaimed Alex.

I will just let you know Sir, she bow

, taking care of children is not easy. Continued by Mrs Li. His kids are different, they are so sweet, caring and I like them. Are you planning to resign? Can you think about it first before you decide? I am not discouraging nor encouraging you to go with them. I just want you to make sure with your decision.

In the car, Tim asked the kids why did you looked at Nicole like that. Thomas answered for them instead. Boss, last day while we are waiting for the lift, the kids are playing. Ms. Lee is also waiting, the kids unintentionally run towards Ms. Lee she was so angry and uttered not so nice words towards us. Tim's face becomes dark and did not said any words.

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