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   Chapter 5 Alexandra Yang (2)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5013

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What can I do for you, Mr. Thomas? Asked Mrs. Li, the Executive Housekeeper of Lee Mansion. Do you have an employee named Alex? Asked Thomas. Yes, is there any problem? Asked Mrs. Li. My boss wanted to talk to her today around 2pm at room 1219. Said Thomas. May I know the reason why? She is my employee, I am responsible for her. She is a very good employee and I can attest to that. Described by Mrs. Li. I think, you can just asked my boss about that. I am just following his orders. Said Thomas.

Mrs. Li, called Alex. Can we talk? Okay boss. Did you made any errors yesterday? Or the previous days? Huh? Boss? Why? Asked Alex. The guest at room 1219 wanted to see you today at 2pm. I asked them what the matter is, they did not tell me. I know either boss. Replied Alex. In this case, you can report to room 1219 at 2pm today, then report back to me after you talked. Okay boss.

Alex, continue her job she has still few rooms to clean. She wanted to finish early today. At 2pm, she press the doorbell of the room and knock 3 times and said housekeeping. Thomas, opened the door. Hi Sir, good afternoon. I am Alex, according to my boss, you like to talk to me? Said Alex. Uhm..Ms. Alex, I am not the one who would like to talk to you, its my boss. Please come in. With a questioning look she went inside. Please have a sit first, I will call my boss. Alex, was left alone in the sofa she is a bit nervous. She keeps on thinking what she had done wrong in the previous days to get the attention of the "boss". She remembered, this is the room of the kids. Oh maybe, the father of the kids knew that she asked his children to clean their rooms instead of her. OMG, that was it! Nervously thought by Alex. After a while, the boss came out of the room with a calm and cold face. Alex was stunned by his looks. Tim was tall and handsome. His greenish eyes are so beautiful. His body structure is well proportioned and toned. He is just wearing a casual white shirt perfectly fit to his shoulder and body. He is comparable to the popular Hollywood actors. But her admiration was kept to herself. Uhm…Uhm… Ms Alex, right? Ye…yes sir. Nice to meet you, replied by Alex. Have a seat Ms. Alex. Before she could seat, the kids shouted, Auntie Alex!!!!!! Juliana hugged her. Are you coming with us today? Ask Juliana with a smile on her face. Confused and Surprised. She smiled. Sweetie, I have work here. But we asked daddy to asked you to come with us. She looked at Tim. Uhm.. Juliana, can you go inside,

Auntie Alex and I will talk. Daddy, please tell her to come with us. Go inside first. Can I just stay here with Auntie Alex. No, Juliana get inside the room. Tim's voice is a little bit annoyed it is sensed by Alex. Sweetie, follow your dad, go to your room. With sadness, okay. But you will come with us Auntie Alex, promise? Your dad and I will talk first. Later, I will give you my answer. Tim's heart is pleased on how Alex addressed and talk to Juliana. Also, the way she said follow your dad and your dad and I will talk is like she is his wife discussing about their children. His mind is wandering. Sir? Sir? Asked Alex. Uhm..Sorry. Have a seat Ms. Alex. The reason why I want to talk to you because the kids told me about.. without finishing his sentence, Alex cut him off. Sir, I did not do anything bad with your children. I just talked to them yesterday. And, I taught them to keep your room tidy and that's it. Please don't complain to my boss. I want my job. Said Alex. Tim, was looking at her face. She is so pure and true. She is also cute while begging him not complain. She is different from other women he met. She is so simple. The more you stare at her the more she became more beautiful. She has 2 dimples on both her cheeks. Uhm.. Alex, I will not complain to your boss. Instead I will say thank you to you, because of you, the kids slightly behave today. Huh?! Surprised, her eyes became big. Yes, they keep on telling me good things about you. They even wanted you come with us at home. And I can say no to them. Anyway, they are growing and my schedule are becoming tight. I cannot always bring them wherever I go. Said Tim. You can hire someone, I have my job here. We already did that Ms. Alex, but they left after few weeks. Huh?! Why? Their reason are, the kids are naughty and they cannot control them. Said Tim. I don't agree with them. Your kids are nice. They are all good children. I don't see anything wrong with them. Defended by Alex. You are the first person who said that Ms. Alex. Unfortunately, everyone we hired said the other way around. I am not expecting an answer today. I will double your salary, you can stay in my house as long as you want. Your only job is to look after the kids. We have our helpers don't worry about the other work. You can have your off whenever you want as long as you notify me in advance. No boyfriend allowed inside my house. If you like to unwind you are allowed. Alex was speechless and at the same time confused and curious.

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