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   Chapter 3 Hotel Employee (3)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 4463

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Thomas, was called to the conference room by Tim. Jarred, don't go out of the room. I am called by your dad. Okay, uncle. Said Jarred. He is still shocked with how they called him.

Alex, finished her shift and change her clothes. She went to the hotel lobby to look for taxi. She will be going to her friend's apartment. She saw Thomas beside the man. She smile and said hi sir.. Thomas' smiled back and nodded. Tim stared at him with questioning look.

When they arrive in the room, it was different from the usual. Thomas smiled. The kids are behave. Daddy! Shouted Juliana. The 2 boys also followed her. Daddy, we are behave today, we helped Auntie Alex to clean the room. She also taught us how to clean the room and she told us to eat, to drink and to take a bath. Narrated by Juliana. Tim looked at Thomas who was smiling at him. Boss, I think, you can hire that woman to be the kids nanny. Whispered by thomas. Without reply to what he said. Tim asked the kids if they are hungry. The kids replied, yes!! We want nutritious food. Tim was shocked. Are you sure? What the sudden change? Are you alright? Auntie Alex told us to eat nutritious food it will make us become stronger. Said Jarred. Okay, Thomas, order for food us. Requested by Tim.

While they were eating, Tim asked the kids, Can you tell me who is Auntie Alex?

She is so nice, kind and can clean very well. Said Jarred. She is beautiful too. Said Juliana. And she told us that we can become a hero said Justin. Tim seems uninterested but in reality she is beginning to wonder who is this woman, where she came from. Daddy, can you ask her to come home with us? Ask Juliana. Tim stopped what he is eating and looked at Juliana. While Thomas, choked after hearing what the little kid said. She has her own work here, replied by Tim. The kids became silent. We will look for another if you want. Said Tim. Daddy, we want her, we want Auntie Alex. We don't want other, we want her. Juliana is started to cry.

Okay, we will ask her. But if she doesn't want to come with us I cannot do anything about it. Yehey! Okay Daddy, we will talk to her. Said Juliana.

Alex arrived at her friends' apartment. Hello Alex, get inside dinner is ready, said Carol.

Wow, thank you! I am starving anyway. Where is Miguel? Asked Alex. Oh, he went outside to buy ice creeeeeeeam, excited said Carol. Alright! You always spoiled me. And I thank you for that. Said Alex. Of course, we rarely see each other. That is our treat to you and also our thank you to you when we are still studying. Said Carol. Remember, you always treat us and even, gave us money when we run out of fundings, you also let us stay in your apartment when we were thrown out by our land lady. This is just small compared to what you did to us before. Narrated by Carol.

I told you, I did it because you are my friends. No need to repeat it again and again. Just your friendship is okay with me said Alex. We can eat now. Are we not waiting Miguel? Asked Alex. I thought you are hungry, Said Carol. No, I can wait for Miguel, we should together. While waiting, they chatted for a while about their college days and her current work place. Why not apply in an office or work that is not so physically tiring? I am okay with my job now. At least I am learning something. In reality, Alex, can apply in a big companies to a high position but she doesn't want it because her parents might locate here whereabouts. Okay, if that what you want. If you have a problem, we are here. Just tell us okay? Alex nodded. Carol cannot wait anymore, she called Miguel, where are you? We are so hungry now. Im near in 3 minutes im there said Miguel. In just a while, Miguel arrive. Yeeees! We can now eat! Excitedly exclaimed by Alex. Uhmmm its so delicious! You really can cook! Its nice! You have to put up your own restaurant, it will be a hit! Exclaimed Alex. You really our friend, said Carol while laughing. No, one day, you will have your own restaurant and will be in Villa Group of Hotels. Miguel laughed. Alex, eat everything, your brain was affected by skipping meals. Carol also laughed. Alex just smile. Even if they are friend for a long time, they don't know that she is the sole heiress of Villa Group of Hotels. She maintained a low profile until now. Ice creeeeeam please!! I think we have to talk to them and have a franchise. I can eat everything! I super like it! Huh?! Miguel and Carol look at each other and laughed.

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