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   Chapter 2 Hotel Employee (2)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 4902

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Tim, was about to approached the children when his assistant told him that, Branch Managers are now gathered in the conference room for the short meeting. Tim, glanced at the kids, and told his assistant. Tomas, please bring the kids to the room. Yes boss. With amusement and curiosity, Thomas asked the kids, Are you okay? It seems that you are so behave now, did you made mistake? Did you commit errors? Tell me, before your dad found out. Asked Thomas. The kids just stared at him and told to him, let's go uncle to our room said Jarred. Huh?! Okay, said Thomas. This is the first time that the kids called him uncle.

While waiting for the lift, Justin and Jarred begun to tease Juliana and telling her a crying baby. They started to become naughty again when they run out with a woman. Ouch! What are you doing? Can you behave yourself? You almost ruin my bag. Did you know how much its cost? Said Nicole. I am sorry, said Jarred while on longbow. Did your parents did not teach you good manners? While staring at Thomas, thinking that he is the father of the kids. I am sorry, ma'am. They are just kids and they don't want to ruin your bag. Again, I am sorry. Said Thomas. The woman still cannot get over to what just happened. People like you is not allowed in my hotel. No manners! Said Nicole and left. The kids were stunned and look at each other. Thomas, brought them in their room.

There an hour left before Alex' shift ends. She continue to make rounds in the area to check if everything is clean and tidy. She saw Nicole walking fast and is upset. She went straight to the office and rant about what happened. She heard what she is saying and she think of the kids she just met. Its just a bag, it can be replaced how can she scolded the children. How immature and childish. Said Alex in her thought. She continued to do her work when Nicole saw her. You! Come here! Shout Nicole. Yes, Ma'am, clean my office. Commanded by Nicole. Yes, Ma'am. I will just get my cleaning materials and will be back. Said Alex.

She asked her boss, Boss Nicole is asking me to clean her office. I am about to finish my shift, I will cost me almost 2 hours to clean knowing her standards. I don't know what type of cleaning she wanted. They said she is so fussy. Said Alex. Her boss, think for a while. Okay, I will asked others to clean it. But you have to swap their job, you their remaining rooms. Okay boss.

Alex, press the doorbell, and knoc

k, housekeeping, knock, housekeeping. And the door opened. Hi Sir, would you like me to clean your room? Ask Alex. The kids heard the familiar voice. They jump off from the bed and look at the owner of the voice. When Juliana saw Alex, she shouted, Auntie Alex! She smiled and said, Hi Sweetie. Thomas is so startled of just what happened. Can I go in and clean? Asked Alex. Okay, okay while stuttering, said Thomas. When Alex was inside the room, she was shocked. The pillows are everywhere, their clothes are scattered, bathroom was so wet and messy. Seeing the place she stared at the kids. The kids are silent and are waiting for what she will be saying next. With this scene, a lot of thing running in thomas' mind.

What did I told you a while ago? Asked Alex. Without waiting for the kids' answer. Jarred being the big brother, you should set as a good example to your siblings. Come here, I will teach you how to clean your room. With this, what?! Said Thomas in his thought.

Justin and Swettie, you can pick up all your clothes, separate the clean and the used one. Put the used clothes in one corner and put back the clean clothes in your bag. Jarred, pick up all the pillows and put back to the sofa and in the bed. I will clean the bathroom. Said Alex. After a while, all the kids are watching how she clean the bathroom. Then put the towels and amenities. I will put extra here if you want to take a bath before you go to bed tonight and for tomorrow. Let's go to the bedroom. Said Alex. I will change your bed sheets because it has a lot of food stain. Don't eat in your bed, you eat in the table okay? After she change everything she checked the mini-bar, she saw the milk untouched. Did you not drink milk before bedtime? You can drink this, it will help you become strong and you will sleep well. Here, I will give you each and an extra if you want to drink more. Did you eat your lunch? Why your food here is untouched? The kids stared at each other. Kids, you have to each healthy foods to become healthy and strong, and remember what I told you? The children nodded. Thomas is silent and was just observing. A little smile was on is lips. If my boss knew this, he will be very happy. I think he can have a little rest now.

After she finished to clean the room. With a smile on her face, have to go now. Remember what I told you okay? Said Alex. She look at Thomas and Smile, bye Sir.

Bye Auntie Alex, said the Kids.

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