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I hurried back to my room by stopped by the store nearby to my room to buy some sheets and crafting items. As I carried it back to my room, I texted Caleb letting him know that I can't be with him today and he shouldn't come to pick me up as we had planned. I waited for his reply but since he didn't reply, I hurried back to my room wanting to start my design.

I don't even have any preplanned idea of how my design would look like. It was a rare occasion for me but still, I couldn't think of anything. I was already out of ideas and had zero inspiration. It was already seven in the evening as I got out of the bathroom and set my stuff on the study table ready to start with my design.

My thoughts drifted back to Caleb and I checked my mobile to find no response from him. A scowl formed on my face as I gritted my teeth with annoyance and slammed the phone back on the table picking up the pencil.

Where the hell is he?

And when the hell am I so annoyed?

It's alright if he doesn't reply. He can't stick to me 24x7.

A sigh escaped my mouth as I thought about the design I would like to draw. Some minutes passed by and still, I was sans of any ideas as I leaned back in the chair tapping my forehead thinking about designs. But it was clear to me that I would go for a Filigree jewelry design. But nothing come into my mind as I thought of it.

I searched the internet hoping for inspirations but all I found was common and easy designs. It was why I was so different. I designed what no one could ever think of and nothing on the internet seemed to inspire me and I ended up keeping the phone down aggravated.

Just how can I forget about the assignment in the first place?

I should have started the drawing earlier.

Damn it! I can't think of anything.

The ringing of my phone got my attention as I picked it up only to find the caller displaying Caleb. A smile instantly made its way up on my face as I picked it up.

"Sang, I'm sorry I couldn't reply. I was in a meeting, " he said from the other side as I smiled. Of course, he was in a meeting.

"It's alright, "

"I will be under your building in two minutes. Can you come down? I have to talk to you, " he said and I furrowed at him.

"Caleb I'm really busy right now, I am working on my assignment and I haven't even started my drawing. I will be doomed. I can't spare to lose more time because the deadline for submission is near."

"I promise, I won't take long. I am in a hurry myself. Please be there, " he said and before I could answer him he hung up on me as I sighed looking at the phone and back at the plain paper.

Well, work can wait!


I saw a car and it stopped right before me as I smiled recognizing the car and Caleb came out, instantly pulling me for a hug. I giggled as I put my hands around his body and he held my waist bringing me closer to him.

"Where were you? You could have at least let me know that you received my message."

"I'm sorry. I was really stuck in a meeting and I was going to text you that I can't be on time to pick you up but then you text me and I was at ease, but I didn't get a chance to text back. Sorry, " he said and I got back looking up at him as I gave him a warm smile.

"But you are here now, " I said and he smiled pushing my face using his knuckle.

"But I can't stay. I came here to tell you that I need to go, "

"Go? Where?"

"Sang I have

my back aching when the sounds of moaning and bed squeaking started again.

From the past few days, I was in a troubled state of mind as I couldn't sleep nor could I focus on my designs but now when I was done with my design all I ever wanted was to have a good sleep. But no! I wasn't even allowed to take a rest. I picked up the pillow and groaning muffled my ear wanting to stop hearing the noises.

It was already disturbing and annoying.

"Shut up! Let me sleep, you idiots!" I yelled and all I could hear was people laughing back in response.

Somehow I managed to slip off to slumber but then the doorbell of my room had me awoke as I groaned and irritated walked to the door as I opened it only to find Caleb with a toothy grin staring down at me.

"Caleb!" instantly I jumped up on his arms and he chuckled wrapping his arms around me.

"Surprise!" he said and I giggled.

"You said, you would come back after a week but it's only been three days, " I said and he nodded.

"Well that's your surprise, " he said and I smiled pulling him inside.

"Sorry for being here so late at night but I couldn't wait to see that face when I surprise you, " he told me as I watched him making his way towards my bed.

My eyes fell on the clock on the wall which displayed two in the night and I looked up at the roof. There was no sound of moaning or the couple next door quarreling. It seems both of my neighbors were having a good sleep when an evil idea struck my mind as I saw Caleb getting rid of his shoe.

Well, now I will make you understand how disturbing it is when you can't sleep.

"Sang, what's with that smile on your face? It's creepy!" I heard Caleb as I giggled and tiptoed to him and held his collar as I pulled him up.

"Caleb, I am giving you a warning today. If you want to keep your post as my boyfriend then you will have to do a work for me today. If you fail, I will throw you out of my room, " I told him as he scowled at me.

"And what is that I have to do?" he asked as I smiled coquettishly.

"Make me scream, " I told him and watched as his eyes widened before his eyes turned dark as lust-filled up his eyes, he twirled me around and threw me on the bed.

"You asked for it!" he groaned as he made his way on top of me.

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