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Caleb drove me crazy as he kissed me passionately and a gasp escaped my mouth when we both fell on something soft. Though it was just for a second of partition, yet he came back hovering me as he kissed me again and I closed my eyes feeling his body closer. My body asked for more and I felt his hand roaming all over my body and it reached the part of my waist and he let go of my mouth trailing down hot kisses to my neck.

His hot kisses burn the fire inside me and I keep wanting for more as my body arched up, responding to his kisses feeling amazing. He stopped on my chest and kissed my cleavage when all of a sudden he came back up and started sucking my ear earning a moan out of my mouth.

I felt him smiling with satisfaction, because he found my soft spot and I knew, the way he was kissing my neck, biting the skin, he wanted to his leave his mark upon me. He was hovering over me, using his elbows to keep his bodyweight off me but then as I held his back he lowered down and immediately a shiver ran down my spine as I felt his bulge on my stomach. It was hard.

All of a sudden, he got up and tried to unbutton his shirt but I wanted to do that. So, I got up and removed his shirt and perhaps my action caught him off guard because he stared at me while I opened his buttons and without any warning, I moved forward and pushed his down on the bed and I hovered over him, sitting on his torso. The dress rose up and he touched my bare thigh as I leaned down to place kisses all over his neck, doing the same way he did to me, to leave a hickey.

If I was his, he was mine.

"You are mine, " I told him and he chuckled pulling me closer while I kissed down his chest, feeling his bare skin.

"I am always yours, " he told me and I helped him unbutton his pants when he helped me with my dress and in seconds he got rid of my dress as he held my waist and looked up at me. I was left only in my undies while he was yet to remove his pants.

"Damn it! I love this view, " his voice filled with lust as he caressed my waist and as I was going to kiss him back he got up making me gasp. His bulge poked my core and I grew hot. Even though I straddled him in a sitting position, I could still hear his heartbeat. That was loud and clear, beating fast. I wrapped my arms around him and pushed as he got rid of his pants to be in his boxers.

He came back for another hard kiss as I held him tightly wrapping my legs around his torso, wanting him closer. I could feel the tension building up between us. Both of us were hot and starting to want more. It was more than lust. I was loving the moment. I had never realized how much I was attracted to him and how much my body responded to him.

This time, it was more than just a kiss. His tongue found his way inside my mouth and I felt the taste of the champagne that he had been drinking. All of a sudden, I wanted to see his expression. I wanted to see how he felt feeling my tongue and that made me open my eyes. He had his eyes closed as if he was only living in the moment and I saw the same expression of aesthetic delight that I was feeling reflecting from his face.

I felt his tongue inside my mouth, I could feel it wriggling and pulsating as I moaned and clenched my eyes shut feeling him overpowering my senses and winning the dominance.

"I won!" he exclaimed like a child winning a trophy and I chuckled.

"You said you liked Parisian guys, I will make you fall in love with American guys, " he said and before I could react, he tore my undies leaving me stark naked under him and a yelp escaped my mouth as I tried to hide my breasts but he was fast. So fast, that before I could hide them he placed his mouth over my right nipple sucking and fondling

that time, it was purely out of anger and because of the condition. I had never regretted telling him those lines because he had hurt me badly. But since he picked up the topic on a moment like this, I understood that the mere line had hurt him and he remembered it well. It must have been disturbing him and it was why he chose such a moment wanting to get it out of his mind.

Fine with me if he finds solace with my words and pays me with sheer pleasure.

"Fine! Fine! I am sorry. You are the best companion I had ever got. Never can I get anyone like you. Now move!" I said everything in one breath and he chuckled putting his face down on my chest. All of a sudden he thrust harder and slipped right in as a yelp escaped my mouth and immediately started moving rocking me with him.

My head truly felt like it would explode, it was heavy and my eyes rolled back with pleasure as the pain subsided completely replacing with pleasure. My body filled up with delight and excitement as moans escaped my mouth as he paced up his thrust poking and pegging and turning me into a slave to his actions.

I wanted him more. I couldn't get enough of him. I was no more the Sang, I used to be but more like a hungry lioness, satisfying with nothing. It was as if I wanted the ache. I wanted him in me, all the time. His weight on top of me. I wanted to squeeze him in further and further. The whole room seemed to be rocking with every thrust he made.

"Oh baby, " I managed to mumble out of pure bliss.

"Sang, call my name babe, " he whispered to my ear and I obliged.

"Caleb. Caleb! Caleb. Yes! Oh, Caleb. I love you. I love you so much. Make me yours!" I couldn't believe my own ears. My body was betraying me. I had never expected that I would ever be the one to utter such words, but it was the truth. My toes curled up and I could feel the tip of my toe, turning cold.

He was tightening every minute and went faster. I wrapped my legs around his torso which cause my inner to clench his penis inside and he groaned. The whole room started to fill up with our hot moans and groans but he never stopped. I could see the Eiffel tower dazzling with lights as it started to go blurry. My vision turned blurry and my body started to give up. I was sore and he got out, tumbling on top of me as I felt his hot sweaty body over me.

"You drive me crazy, Sang" I heard him while I closed my eyes exhausted to assaults.

"But I love you. Even more than what you have ever expected."

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