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I ran down the streets towards my university. My university was only ten minutes away from my room and I was again late. Mrs.Karen would be mad at me for being late. She always was. Without wasting any more minute I dashed and immediately all of a sudden hit a hard thing which hurt my nose as I groaned touching my nose, inspecting it if I managed to break it for the impact.

"Not so punctual are you?" I heard a familiar voice and my head whipped to the direction to find none other than Caleb. I groaned as I rolled my eyes because he was now mocking me for being late. I used to be late to work too.

"What re you doing up here? Don't you have any work to do? I said as I ignored him and walked past him.

I do have more five minutes for the class. Since I am already in the uni radii, might I walk a little?

A blush formed on my cheeks as I thought about it and felt him behind me and immediately I smiled when I knew he was following me.

"Oh well, I am working. Why can't you ever be on time?" he asked as I shrugged and turned around walking back. He had a red bomber jacket on with a white t-shirt underneath and black jeans. His face was clean-shaven just the way I liked, well I also liked it when he had stubble too. It's just a matter of choice.

"Tell me how are your wounds?"

"It's good. Has healed up but I feel pain on my leg sometimes, "

"And why did you cut your hair?" he asked as his eyes fell on my hair and I pouted.

"I don't look good?" I asked and he chuckled.

"No, you do look good. But I loved your long hair. No worries. It will grow back!" he said and I thought of teasing him a little.

"I like this style. I will keep on keeping my hair short, " I smirked as I saw his facial expression changing to an awkward one. He seemed to be in a dilemma with his choice of words and immediately I broke out laughing my heart out.

"What?" he asked in confusion.

"Nothing! Just your face, " I laughed and all of a sudden lost my balance.

"Careful!" all of a sudden he lunged forward and held me by my arms stopping me from tripping as I put my step on a stone.

"Thanks, " I told him for saving me as he narrowed his eyes.

"What will happen to you if I am not there. Believe it or not! I am your man, I am your knight in shining armor, " he went all dramatic as I looked at him incredulously when all of a sudden, I turned around and ran.


"Well, then Mr. Knight in shining armor see you later. I have classes, " I said and ran away as he stood there watching me leave. But the whole way I had a bright smile on my face as I thought about him being closer to me after so many months. And I loved it.


"What? Why are you still here?" I asked as I got out of my uni. He was standing just near the gate with the guards.

"Waiting for you mon amour, " he said throwing a bright smile my way as he came forward and brought his hand from his behind with a rose flower.

"Red rose for my bel amour, "

I took the flower in amusement to his new form as we started walking.

"Have you ever heard this song?" he asked and I looked back at him in confusion.

"What song?" I asked and he jumped in front of me and his actions caught me off guard as I gasped and stared at him blinking my arms.

"Mio Amore, Mio Amore, " he sang and my eyes widened when the people near us looked our way.

"Ssh! Stop!" I signaled him to stop but he didn't listen and continued singing a cheesy french song in his manly voice, attracting attention from the nearby people. My face grew red and I sped up my pace but looking back at him once in while hearing his voice getting louder and louder.

"Mon amour Et Les Murs se gercent, "

I smiled as I saw people looking at us and some girls squealing and fangirling hearing Caleb's voice but as soon as I turned to my street, I sped up and reached my room, closing the door not allowing him in. I looked back at the rose in my hand, chuckling when all of a sudden I heard some commotions downstairs and hurriedly made my way to my balcony.

I gasped when I saw him under my building, now wearing a red French beret hat and a guitar on his hand which he borrowed from a student nearby who was holding the guitar case. People circled him as he continued singing and he looked up at my direction.

Mon amour

Au soleil, au vent de la plaine

All of a sudden he changed the tune of the song from the classic one to a jazz one. As the crowd cheered and clapped and I put my elbow on the railing and leaned over, looking down at him. His eyes filled with a mischievous glint that was clearly visible to me as people near to him looked up and cheered waving at me.

"Tu es son amant?" one of them asked as I waved my hand feeling awkward for being asked

head as I got up and took it away from him.

"I have to go back home. I can't have it, " I told him and watched as instantly his face fell and he stood up.

"Go back home?" he asked looking astonished.

"Well, I can't stay the night, "

"You were here only for dinner?" he asked and even though I fought the inward feeling of rolling on the floor laughing to his expression, I couldn't.

"Well, what did you expect?" I asked and he sighed. The light in his eyes fading away as he sat down on his chair folding his arms over his chest, giving out a long sigh.

"Caleb?" he ignore me and that made me chuckle.

"Caleb, " I called as I went back and hugged him as I kept my chin on his shoulder.

"Let's dance, " I told him and he looked up.


He seemed really disappointed but then he was never a spoilsport as he nodded and stood up holding my hand as he lead the way. I put my hands on his shoulder and he kept his hands on my waist as we swayed to the slow music, a smile playing on our lips as we looked into each other's eyes.

"Why do you look upset?" I couldn't help but tease the poor guy as he shook his head.

"Well, no!" he said.

"You look upset, " I told him and he shook his head.

"I am not!"

"You really do, " as I said that he took hold of my hand and twirled me around. I laughed and face him putting my hands over his shoulder. "Why do you expect so much from me?" I asked and this time, he smiled as he leaned down and placed a kiss on my forehead.

"Why should I not? I should believe in the one I love. Right?" he asked and this sentence of his touched my heart as I gave him a hum in response.

"Actually, this hairstyle suits you. You should keep this, " he said and I raised an eyebrow.

"I thought you don't like it!"

"Well, you like it! You should do what you like. Don't listen to me, " he joked and I put my head on his chest.

"Thank you Caleb, " I whispered and felt him wrapping his hand over my body as we continued to sway to the music.

"For what?"

"For being in my life, I really love you, " I expressed my feelings as I closed my eyes and felt him going stiff when all of a sudden he made me look up at him.

"Did I hear that right?" he asked looking astonished by my expression and I chuckled nodding to him as response and that made him smile brightly as he leaned down for a kiss when I took it the chance, to slip the packet I had bought into his pant pocket but he felt it immediately and stopped and moved back putting his hand in his back pocket fishing the packet out.

"Tomorrow, I have my very important classes and I hope you take the responsibility to leave me at my university on time, " I said and his eye widened looking at the packet and then when he looked back at me, his eyes were dark and filled with lust as he held my head and pulled me to a passionate kiss.

"Don't worry, I take the responsibility, " he whispered as he picked me up making me gasp and made his way towards the bedroom of the suit. The music still continued to play as I looked over his shoulder towards the Eiffel tower, smiling at it.

I am no longer going to be alone, as I watch you.

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