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Something cold hit my face and immediately I gasped and tried to open my eyes but couldn't I felt as if I was blinded. My hands struggled to be free and I got to my senses to know that my hands were tied in my back while my mouth was gagged and eyes were blinded. My lower body was tied to something that felt like a pillar and I struggled wriggling in my place.

What's going on?

Where am I?

Why can't I move?

A yelp escaped my mouth as I felt a sharp pain on my arm and that was when the memories came flooding in. I was at the mall, we were hailing a cab when I heard gunshots and saw Nile on the ground writhing in pain. I was shot in my arm and even Jenny was shot and after that, I lost my consciousness.

Wait! I was shot.

Jenny was shot.

Nile too.

What's going on?

Someone really wants me dead.

Where is Jenny? Is she alright? Where is Nile?

And where in the world am I?

"The woman has finally regained her consciousness, " I heard someone and immediately started yelling even though my voice came muffled because my mouth was gaged still it didn't stop me from shouting. I tried to thrash against the pillar wanting to have my hands free when all of a sudden there was a hard hit on my stomach causing me to whimper in pain. The hit was so hard, it made me lose air and I was barely able to breathe but tears rolled down my eyes as I recognized someone just kicked me on my stomach.

"What are you waiting for?" I heard a woman's annoyed voice.

"Kill her! Immediately!" I heard her voice and shook my head when the blind in my eyes slipped a little and I peeped to find five men around me. The area looked as if I were in an abandoned warehouse. One of the man stood before me and there was a tab on the table and then I saw the woman's face.

They were having a video conference.

"It was not in our deal. If you want her dead then pay me more, " the man said and I saw the woman getting angry. She looked as if she was in the late forties with short hair. Her eyes filled with venom as she spoke: "Don't fuck with me. I can kill you all. Kill the woman right now!" she yelled and the man chuckled.

"You? You think you can kill me? Don't fucking forget your position. I have the woman with me and it is up to me if I will kill her or not. So do as I tell you to or you will have to face the consequence, " the man warned her and I saw as the woman in the video seemed agitated.

"Fine. I will pay you to double. Kill her first!" she ordered and I shifted in my position scared to death thinking why she wanted to kill me. I had never seen her before nor do I know her but why does she want me dead so badly?

"Pay me the advance and I will do it!" the man said and before the woman could speak he cut off the call and walked to me. I put my head down not wanting him to see that the

when you told me that you wanted to be with me.

I could no longer feel the pain as the senses in me started to fade away. My body felt light and I was finally free of pain. The rope that bound me to the pillar prevented my body from going lifeless as I felt being restrained to the wall and grew lifeless, my eyes closing for all.

To say, it would have been the most beautiful day of my life, if in my death, I could have seen your face for the last time.

Caleb, don't be sad for me. I forgave you and I had always love-




"Oh no! Please don't do this to me. Please!"

The blind on my eyes was pulled off as someone patted my cheeks and I felt someone holding me closer. It was so nice and warm, it made me feel happy.

"Somebody save her!"

"Somebody please save her!"

"Sang please open your eyes. Please, I promise I won't ever get mad on you. Please, you can't leave me. I am here. I am here. Please don't leave me. Stay with me, "

"Why did this happen to you? Why! I should be the one who should be in your place. Why you!"

"Sang don't do this to me. Please, I'm begging you, "

It was Caleb. I recognized that voice. If it was really Caleb then I wanted to tell him that I could hear him but why could I not open my eyes? Why could I not tell him that I was fine and he didn't need to worry for me?

I could feel his body near to me, I felt him rubbing my hands, then why can't I open my eyes.

Did God really hear my last wish?

"Open your eyes, Sang! You are making me go crazy. I will die! I will die! Please love, please open your eyes. I can't let this happen to you. I love you. I'm sorry a hundred times, no! millions of times for being so rude to you and I promise I will accept all your punishment but for my sake open your eyes."

It was the last thing my heart could register as I finally slipped to darkness.

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