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"Why is he here?" I mumbled as I paced around my apartment. My mind filled up with his thoughts as I recognized I was again hyperventilating. I was in misery and I hoped the guards stopped him from getting inside.

Whatever it takes, I had to stay away from him because I couldn't bear it any longer. The insults, the allegations, and the continuous pricking of my dignity got me to the point where I refused to even face him. My shoulder slumped down as I fell on the sofa, my appetite long gone.

But then I heard what the guards were saying while restraining him.

Why do you always come here? The woman is clearly not interested in you. Stop coming here and stay out!

Is he the same guy who stands the whole night just staring at the building?

Such a nuisance for love.

"Wait! Did he come here every day?" I mumbled as I was up on my feet and made my way towards the balcony. To say, my tongue was caught on my mouth as I grew speechless when I saw him down there. He was again leaning to his car, looking up at my way.

As soon as he saw me, he composed himself and walked some steps forwards not breaking eye contact. I was dazed and confused as to why he was still pestering around me when he was the one who clearly told me that he doesn't want to do anything with me.

Why do you not leave me alone?

My fingers tightened around the railing of my glass balcony and all of a sudden, I heard my phone ringing. Finally, breaking the eye contact I went in and got my phone from the sofa to find the call from Caleb. I was fidgeting on whether to take the call or not but still couldn't get in myself to pick it up in order to talk to him.

The call disconnected and I heaved a sigh. But again, it rung and kept on ringing almost five to six times when I finally decided to pick up the call wanting to hear what he has got to tell me.

"H-hello?" I said with a trembling voice. I heard him inhaling loudly and he spoke. "Thank god! I thought you are never going to pick up, " I heard his distressed voice.

"Please leave my compound. I don't want people complaining me about the commotions you are creating, " I told him and walked towards the door of the balcony, hiding behind the doorframe and peeping down to see him.

"Sang please let me explain, " I saw him running his hand through his hair.

"I-I, " he was caught off as the guards from my apartment approached him and I could hear that they were asking him to leave. I saw his face, he was getting annoyed and agitated by the guards and I was afraid if he lashed out on them or worse do something stupid.

"You can come to my apartment, " I said mustering up the confidence I had in me. I wanted it to end. I really wished it end and for that, I had to talk to Caleb.

"R-Really?" he asked as he showed his palm to the guard signalling him to stop talking.

"Hand your phone to the guard, " I said and immediately he handed his phone over to the guard who took it and I told him to allow him into the apartment. The guard looked skeptical but as I gave him the instructions he nodded as he handed Caleb his phone back and I saw as

sorry. I was wrong and was really bad to you. But please give me a chance, " he begged and it was when I pulled away wiping my eyes.

"No!" I shook my head.

"Sang please, "

"I will not give you any chance because now I am scared. Scared of what you will do if we are back and we experience a similar situation in the future."

"I can't seem to trust you again. I'm sorry Caleb but this is over between us, " I said and again all of a sudden I was pulled into a hug.

"Don't say like this. Please don't! I know you are angry. You have every right to be angry. Please. Please, don't do this to me. Give me any punishment you want but not this. Don't leave me, " he was literally begging. I pushed my body away from his and turned around when he hugged me from my back, locking my arms.

"You are just so delusional and dominant. I can't take it any longer. I think it will be best for us. Please, Caleb let me go!"

"No! I won't let go. Ever! You are mine. You belong to me and I love you. I will never let go, " I heard him and I sighed.

"I am not an object. I do not belong to you. Understand that I have feelings and emotions and no matter what I can't get myself to forgive you for your actions. I am scared of you right now, " I told him and he spun me around in a flip staring into my eyes.

"You are the worst companion, I had got. Let me go!" I said and pushed him away as he stared down at me in shock.

"I don't believe you right now, no matter what! You are just making angry statements to me and I will give you some time to cool down and then I will come again begging for forgiveness. It's fine if you are giving up on me, but I won't ever let you go or give up on you. I really love you. More than I had ever loved anyone. I will go crazy if you are not in my life. I caused this and I will make it up to you. I promise, " he said and all of a sudden leaned down and pecked my lips which caught me off-guard.

"Caleb!" I yelled at him as I pushed him away. He took a few steps back and then walked out of my apartment leaving me in difficulty.

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