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I threw my things on the floor as I ran to my bed and threw myself on the bed hugging the pillow as I cried my eyes out. It was the moment, I realized how alone I was. My eyes fell on my parent's picture on the wall and that made me sob more.

"I really wish you were here, " I mumbled as sleep overtook me and I closed my eyes letting slumber taking over me.

I don't give a fuck as long as you are with me.

I will always love you.

I love you.

I jolted up from my sleep as I clutched the pillow tightly. How could he turn from the most beautiful and sensible thing to a nightmare? How could this happen to me? Just a kiss and everything around me was broken. Caleb just took it another level because Eden kissed me.

All the time that we spent together seemed like a nightmare to me. It seemed as if I did the biggest mistake of my life being with him. The man hated me and anything he wanted from me was to take over my body and my soul. He had no respect for me but the only thing he wanted was to control me.

I tried my best to tell him that he was mistaken but every time he pushed me away with a whip of a hunter wanting to hurt me. I could never forget the words that he used for me. The man I once thought would be everything to me was just a devil.

Now I was even scared to think about him. My body shook and trembled as I thought about the eyes he had when he talked to me, accusing me, calling me names that I didn't deserve only for a single mistake. If only I had been in my right sense of mind, I would have never allowed him to get closer to me for a bit.

I got off the bed and got rid of my clothes as I threw the beige shirt into the dustbin because he had ripped its button and I no longer wished to see anything that would make me remember him and walked into the bathroom for a shower.

I saw my face in the mirror as I turned the shower on. It was puffy and red from all the crying. The worst part was my neck and chest were covered with hickeys. I rubbed them wanting to get rid of them when all of a sudden I felt shame and disgust washing over me, I broke down and fell on my knees on the bathroom tile as the water fell on me.


Its been a day since the incident happened to me and as I tried my best to forget everything, I refused to walk out of my apartment and talked with the security not to allow anyone who seeks for me.

I refused to go out as I spend my day and night alone in my

ic and horrifying for me because all I saw in them was hatred and disgust for me.

I hated it.

I had done nothing to be seen by those eyes. I had nothing for someone to hate me this much.

"Listen. Please let me speak. I'm so-, "

A loud yelp escaped my mouth and I used the bags in my hand to protect myself as I raised it up before my face stopping him from touching me. It was just an involuntary reflex from my side. I had no idea, why all of a sudden I felt so scared of him. We were in the middle of the road and the last thing I want would be to have my shirt torn or assaulted by my former lover.

Even if he branded me for being someone, I was not still I held my dignity and esteem high as I turned around and ran away as fast as I could to get away from him.


I knew he was following me. I heard his footsteps and him calling my name wanting me to stop. I could hear him huff and puff but I focussed on my building as I ran past the guards and hurriedly pressed the elevator's button.

"Sang please let me speak, " I heard him and saw him being restrained from entering the building as the guard held him.

"You can't pass!" the guard yelled at him.

"Why do you always come here? The woman is clearly not interested in you. Stop coming here and stay out!" the other guard said and I fidgeted with my finger waiting for the door to open, impatiently.

"Is he the same guy who stands the whole night looking at the building?" one of them asked and the other snorted.

"Such nuisance for love, "

The elevator's door opened and I got in punching the button hard wanting to get away.

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