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"You are finally here, " Mrs. Lewis said, her eyes twinkling up as she saw me coming to her.

I had to bid her farewell too.

"I am not going to stop you. I was really happy when I found you alive and I really hope the best for you, " she smiled. The edges of her eyes wrinkling up showing her age.

"I really think I will be of no help in this matter, " I told her and she nodded understanding.

She was actually stuck with a problem and it was related to her demise son and my parents. The property which belonged to her son was sold without her knowledge and she wanted to get it back. But initially, she told me that the property belonged to my family. I checked everything and knew that my father sold the property to her son. But it's been three years when someone sold her son's property and since then she has been in problem.

"I don't really know what I can do for you in this matter, " I told her and she nodded.

"Well, I will see what I can do but anyways thanks for being in contact, " she laughed and I smiled feeling regret washing over me for not being able to help her.


"Carter! Boss wants to see you, " Jonathan told me and I nodded getting up from my desk and knocked at his cabin's door. These days, I had made it a mental note to always knock no matter what or even if the door was open to let him know that someone was outside. The frequent visit of Hailey made me do this but thankfully it was a good habit that I was proud of gaining.

"Come in!" I heard him and walked in closing the door, only to find no one in sight. I looked around but there was no one in the room when all of a sudden someone grabbed my hand and turned me around. I gasped and furrowed my eyebrows when I saw him standing right next to the door.

All of a sudden, he pulled me to him staring into my eyes while I struggled against him. His grasp was tight and he used his other hand to hold me by my waist. It was so tight that I believed it would leave bruises.

"Let go!" I said as I wriggled my hand only to find him tightening his grip.

"So you have finally resigned?" he asked and it was when I noticed his eyes. His eyes were red and had dark circles while his hair was a mess as if he ran his hand multiple times.

"Yes. Now finally you don't have to see me, " I told him and this time he

wept facing his vile form. I couldn't believe he was the man I fell in love with.

"You don't have to come back here anymore. Now get out!" he snapped and I stood up on my feet as I adjusted my shirt properly and ran out not bothering to pick up my glasses. I ran back to my desk and picked up my things and I knew people were watching me as I sobbed but I didn't care because they no longer had to see me.

"Sang?" I heard Bailey's voice but I refused to look up at her as I gathered my things and ran away.

I was done.

I will never come back.

The only respect I had for Caleb was broken and I walked out of the building.

But as the day had more trouble for me, I found Eden right before me and as soon as he saw me, he ran up to me.

"Sang!" he said as he stood before me.

"I wanted to apologize for so long. I'm sorry I shouldn't have kissed you without your permission. Sang, please. Its been so many days and yet you refuse to meet me in person. Please, it was just a kiss. I am apologizing, " he said but my eyes fell on the taxi behind him.

"It's alright Eden. Don't think about it! It doesn't matter any longer. I got to go now, " I told him as I ran to the taxi but as he called my name, I glanced back to him and saw Caleb standing right next to him with my glasses on his hand and he had a shocked look as he looked my way.

Tears streamed down my face as I turned around and got inside the taxi and asked the driver to take me away.

Goodbye Caleb. I will never show my face to you ever again. Never ever.

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