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The tears refused to stop as I packed my stuff and picked up my things. I had taken a long bath calming my senses yet after it all tears still feel down my eyes as I thought about it again and again. If he saw Eden kissing me then he could have confronted me. I could have told him everything that he was the one who startled me, I was not the who kissed him.

Caleb had this on his mind that I was a cheater and I cheated up n him. Instead of confronting me, he chose to build the rage within him and hurt me in a way nobody would ever could. I loved him and it was why it hurts the most.

The fact that didn't trust me hurts the most. I made my way out of his penthouse and punched the elevator's button. As the door closed my eyes fell on the way to his penthouse.

I guess this was my last time being in his house.

Everything was over between us.

I will surely tell him that he has mistaken and I didn't do two-timing with him, but I will never return to him and I felt no remorse for thinking such a thing. The cab was right outside the building as the driver helped me put my luggage in his boot and finally he drove me off back to my apartment.

I had already got my apartment back from the cops three weeks ago but Caleb refused to leave me wanted me to stay with him but now there was no longer any meaning to live with him.


I opened the door of my apartment and looked around, the dark apartment. I switched on the lights and saw everything was a mess. The last time was when I had a fight with the thief and since then I never returned. Caleb had sent Jenny to pick up my things and clothes.

A sigh escaped my mouth as I didn't really feel happy to finally get back to my home. It was where I belonged but still, I felt empty and saddened as I locked the door and made my way back to the bedroom and throwing the dirty bedsheets away, I plopped down on the bed too tired to find a new one as I let sleep take over me.


It was weekend as I dusted my apartment and kept my mind diverted from all the topics. I had managed to frame my parent's picture as I proudly hung it on the wall and stared at lovingly hoping if we could have spent a little more time together.

Life was cruel. It didn't stop for anyone nor did it favor anyone. I was saved while they were drowned. I still don't remember many things but sometimes I wondered how did they drown. Did no one among them knew how to swim? Wy did the boat drown?

I sat at the sofa holding a cup of coffee when the doorbell rung and I furrowed my eyebrows thinking who

it should make the one who receives it feel how special she is, " he said and I felt weird but refused to show any emotions as I searched for a gift online as I already knew it was a she.

"Do this. Send a bracelet from Tiffany to Miss Hailey Davies, " he said and instantly the name of the woman brought back the memories of that night.

I managed to open Tiffany's online store as I handed him my tab. He surfed through the website and looked confused.

"It's really confusing. Women are hard to pleased. Tell me, if it were you what would have chosen?" he asked as he handed me back the tab and I looked back at him to find him already staring at me.

"How about this one? This is is a costly piece and a big one. I'm sure you would have chosen this one, " he asked showing me a thirty thousand dollar bracelet and I grimaced inwardly to what he just said. He still thinks that I am a golddigger.

"Anyone you like, I'm sure she would like it too, " I told him and he nodded.

"Alright send her this one and make sure right down a lovely note. You know me already and it should make her feel that I was the one who chose it for her. Alright? Can you do me this favor, Ms Carter? You see I'm trying to court Hailey and a woman only knows what other women would like. I really hope you could help me in this for being a woman, " he smiled and all I could do was nod my head. His eyes lightened up and he smiled showing me his perfect teeth.

"Perfect!" he remarked.

"Do you want any other work Mr. Theller?" I asked and he shook his head. I took it the chance to get out of his room. But as soon as I was out, I was out of my mind as I had a nervous breakdown and I ran to the washroom.

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