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   Chapter 23 No. 23

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"Have you got everything ready?" he asked as I organized my bag and looked up at him from my office desk.

"Yes Sir, " I replied and walked up to him as he let me get through the door first as he held the glass door open for me.

"Today's meeting is very important. Have you ever been to an Annual meeting beforehand?" he asked as we took the elevator.

"Yes, I have been to an Annual meeting with my previous boss, " I said as I checked my phone for any official notifications.

"He took you there?" he asked and I looked up at him "She, " I corrected "My previous boss was a 'she', " I completed and smiled. His lips twitched up into a smile and he bent down probably wanting to kiss me but the elevator door pinged open. I took a step away from him and hastily got out of the elevator.

"Hey, " I heard him call me from my back but I turned around and gestured him with my eyes not to attract any attention. It was decided between us that we wouldn't announce our relationship with anyone until we find the correct time. Now, that he is my boyfriend that doesn't mean I have forgotten about my career and the goal of my life. Basically, I know what will happen if anyone finds out about us. It will I who would suffer. The affair between a boss and secretary never really went well in the eyes normal public and I don't really want people to start calling me golddigger. Even if Caleb is the boss I want to stand in my own position and for that, I have decided to work hard and stand up on my feet so that people will start recognizing me. I don't want Caleb's help and for that after thinking so many times, I have finally come to the decision which he will not like. And the decision is ...y

"Sang!" I was stopped abruptly on my track by him holding onto my arm.

"Caleb we already had the discussion about this last night so why are you still trying to gain people's attention?" I asked as I turned and looked here and there before talking to him as my boyfriend but not my boss.

"But bab-, " he reached out to touch my face but I took a step back when I saw the guards walking towards us in the parking lot.

It is little use to dig a well after the house has caught fire. So I tried my best not to lit any fire i.e rumor of us dating each other for his career and even for my career. "Sir, we will be late for our meeting, " I said as I changed the topic and walked fast to get inside the car that his driver parked right before the gate. He entered inside after me and ordered the driver to take us to the event. As the driver pulled over, I looked out of the window to find the guards from behind stopping by the little cafe at the end of the parking lot for some tea.

It was already past eight in the evening when we returned back and as I looked back at Caleb he was busy typing something on his phone.




"What?" he glared at me as I gave him a toothy grin.


olunteered me into his car.

"So? where is her house?" I asked as Eden drove both of us to somewhere where I was supposed to help a lady.

A few days ago he called me and let me know about a woman who seeks my help to justice for her husband's death. At first, I couldn't understand who she was and how she knew me but then Eden told me that the lady came to know about me through him and wants to meet me. So, here I am at the end of the week driving off to her cottage.

"Honestly, I don't have any idea how she knows you. Her son is my friend and one day when I was in her house she saw your picture in my phone and that is when she asked me to help her by setting a meeting for both of you, " he said and I nodded.

"Wait! She saw my picture on your phone?" I asked as I looked at him. He looked back at me and then back on the road as he chose to ignore my question.

"We are here, " he said and as the car came to a halt I looked out of the window to find us in a deserted place with only two to three cottages lined up to each other.

"She lives here?" I asked as I got out of the car.

"Yes, let me call her, " he said as he fished his phone out from his pocket and indeed after two minutes a lady walked out of the cottage holding the phone next to her ear. The lady looked familiar to me. She walked up to Eden and smiled at him and that is when I felt my eyes stinging as I couldn't control my emotions any longer when I remembered who she was.

"You are her, " I managed to mumble when she looked at me with a smile on her face and she walked up to me and patted my arm "Indeed you have grown up to be a fine lady, " she smiled and I saw her her watering.

Memories of a sweet woman giving me free candies after my school came flooding into my mind and I raised my hand up as I touched her hands not able to believe that I got a chance to meet her again.

"Let's get inside, " she smiled and I nodded feeling ecstatic.

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