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   Chapter 19 No. 19

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Last night I dreamt of you. I dreamt of a dream in which we were together and happy.


Sangavi Pov

I stirred a little before my eyes fluttered open slowly and steadily. I blinked a few times to adjust my eyes to the brightness and looked around trying to figure out where I was.

The first thing that came to my sight was the white ceiling and the light then the room. I looked around and saw a figure far away sitting on the sofa with its head down. Everything was blurry to me so I blinked a few more times and rubbed my eyes using the back of my hand slowly.

I squinted my eyes a little and then I recognized the figure as Caleb.

"Caleb?" I heard my own hoarse voice.

My throat squirmed with thirst wanting water. Slowly I tried to sit up from my lying position but stopped and winced when I felt a stinging sensation on my stomach.

"Oh shit!" I groaned.

"Sangavi!" I heard Caleb and watched as he hurried to my side and made me lay back on the bed.

"Don't move!" he scolded.

"Water!" I muttered.

He nodded and took the glass and filled it with water. Then he helped me drink the water.

"Thank You" I whispered relieved after feeling the dryness fading away from my throat.

"Wait! Let me call the doctor first" he said and pressed the bell near the small table beside my bed.

I took in his appearance. He was wearing a black polo t-shirt and faded blue jeans with sneakers. He had bangs under his eyes and his hair was messy and out of place.

"She is awake!" he told the nurse that came in through the door. She looked at me and nodded walking out probably to get the doctor.

"What happened?" I voiced out my thought.

"I should ask you this question. But don't worry, I already know and don't think that I am feeling proud right now because what you did was utterly stupid" and the yelling began.

"Who told you to go all Jackie Chan on that moment? You could have

, Caleb? Of course, she is hungry" he talked to himself while walking out the room.

I chuckled at his behavior and rested my head back on the pillow. It was rare to see him like that. He always stayed neutral to every situation. But seeing him worried only for me made me feel little different.

"I wonder what's up with you Caleb, " I thought and smiled.

"I ain't drinking that, " I said pointing at the medicine bottle that he was holding.

"It's so bitter" I complained.

He rolled his eyes at me and shook the bottle before opening the cap and pouring a little amount into the cap for me to drink.

"Here, " he said as he reached forward with that cap for me to drink it.

"Ew! No! Keep it away" I said scrunching my nose up feeling disgusted by its smell.

"Well, you brought it to yourself. Who told you t-" before he could start his ranting I reached forward took the cap from him and gulped it down.

"Happy?" I asked as I gave him a sarcastic smile and he rolled his eyes at me.

"I am feeling so tired" I muttered and yawned and stretched raising my hands up in the air but regretted when I felt the immense pain on my stomach.

"Ow!" I winced holding the spot.

"Sangavi!" and his yelling was back.

Can anyone please tell him that he was yelling at a patient?

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