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   Chapter 18 No. 18

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What's this uneasiness that I'm feeling?


Caleb Pov

It's always the same. Every single regulation has been declined or rejected by the government of California. I am fed up. I sighed as I loosened my tie and looked out of the plane. It was cloudy and dark outside. I was returning back and it looks like my trip didn't go as I had planned.

Leaning back against my seat, I closed my eyes. I jerked up from my seat and groaned in aggravation.

"What is this?" I muttered rubbing my chest. I took the bottle from the seat pocket and gulped down the liquid. It didn't really ease the different ache in my chest but somehow I felt relaxed.

I have been feeling this burning and stinging pain in my chest from the day I left for California.

I picked up my phone and dialed her number. It rang but nobody responded.

"What the heck?" I muttered and tried again but only to be disappointed.

I have been trying to get to her and have tried to call many times but only to be disappointed. I have been even informed by the office staff that she hasn't shown up in the office from two days.

I wonder what has happened to her.

I scratched my chin and switched my phone off when the attendant announced that we were about to land.

"Take me home, " I told the driver and he did as he was told.

My phone rang and I looked immediately at the caller ID hoping for Sangavi but was disappointed again.

"Did you get any information?" I asked Bailey whom I gave the order to find about Sangavi whereabouts.

"No, Sir! I have been calling her but each time no one responds but the phone is ringing" she said and somehow I felt apprehensive about her.

"Shall I send someone to her house?" she asked and I

"Sangavi Carter, " I told the nurse and she pointed her finger towards a section. I rushed there and stopped right before her unconscious self.

My breath got caught when she was in my sight. There was a bandage wrapped around her forehead and one on her leg. Her face was covered with bruises and I could see some scratches on her neck and foot.

"San-Sangavi" I murmured as I took a step closer to her.

Her eyes were closed and she laid still on her place not moving or responding to me. It scared me. I couldn't believe my eyes. I mean I just left her two days ago, she was fine..laughing, talking, glaring but now it laid motionless on the bed looking terrible.

Her skin was pale and her lips were chapped.

"Ms. Carter" I called again as I tried to wake her up.

"Hey! Sangavi" I touched her hand which was cold in comparison to mine. She was freezing. I took the sheet and covered her and rubbed her palm continuously to get her some heat.

"Hey! Sangavi" I tried to wake her up.

"God" I sighed and leaned my head down on her hand and waited patiently for her to wake up because it was possibly the only thing I could do for her.

To wait.

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