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   Chapter 6 No. 6

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I may be a girl, but I'm no less than a Man.


I entered the building with a coffee in my hand. I waved to the lady in the reception to which she waved back with a smile. I jumped into the elevator and waited for it to get me to my destined floor. While in the elevator, I drank my coffee which I bought from Starbucks and as soon as the elevator door pinged open, I threw the empty coffee can into the bin near the reception.

I made my way to my cabin and sat down on my chair. I checked the time to find its only eight in the morning. I chose to come early in the morning in order to save myself from any kind of disturbing comment from Mr. Theller.

Saturday night event is still fresh in my mind and I just want to avoid any kind of conversation with Mr. Theller. I know that he may not be interested in me, hell there is nothing that is interesting about me. He would never think to look at me twice. To him, I am just another girl who he has no interest in what so ever. And how I do I feel about that? LIKE SHIT I MUST SAY. I will always be someone below him, never an equal and never a women worth his attention. I ain't a sexy blonde model with blue eyes. I am purely an Asian with caramel skin and chocolate brown eyes. Definitely not his type. Even though he doesn't give two shits about my personal life I still find it awkward because I have no idea how to behave normally around him but I will never in hell let that come across if I am around him. NEVER!

I kept myself busy in my work and began to arrange the Schedules for Mr. Theller.

I don't know how long I have worked but I was so engrossed in the files that I didn't even realise that I had company.

The clearing of throat made me to come out of my little world and I looked up startled. Mr Theller was standing before my desk with his hand crossed across his chest. His hair was wet and I could smell the manly fragrance, he looked fresh.

"Good Morning Sir".

"Good Morning Ms. Carter, I see you were so absorbed in your work that you didn't see me standing her, waiting for you and you out of everyone must know that I don't like to wait or be kept waiting. " he told me casually.

"Uh I am so sorry sir, I was so busy with work that I couldn't -" I twirled my finger nervously and pursed my lips. I definitely know that he is not a patient man. He gave me a little insight of that on my first day when he tortured the hell out of me and for what? Being late even though it wasn't my fault.

"Ms. Carter come to my cabin" he told me and without even waiting to hear my reply he turned and

I was being serious.

I can't believe that the CEO himself is asking me to do such things.

I sighed and took off my glasses to wipe away the dust on it. Wearing it back, I looked up to find him looking intensely at me.

I cleared my throat catching him off guard and finally exhaling a breath I nodded "Fine! I will do it" I told him and for the first time since I've joined he gave me an actual genuine smile, showing off his perfectly shaped white teeth.

He looked so handsome when he smiled. I felt as if my heart just skipped a beat seeing his breath taking smile.

"I don't know about the salary part but I want you to stick to your words and reduce my shift hours" I told him truthfully and he nodded signing on a paper.

"You can take the day off Ms. Carter for you know, getting ready and doing all the things ladies do before a party " he began but I cut him off "Not necessary I am fine. I don't need the day off." I told him politely as he raised his eyebrow muttering "Interesting".

"Fine but take a half day. Get ready by seven in the evening and wear something red it's the theme" he told me and I nodded getting up from the seat.

"I will be coming to pick you up so you better be ready before the time".

I nodded and with a quiet "Yes sir" I turned to leave. I was just going to turn the door knob when the words he spoke made me want the ground to swallow me.

"You looked sexy and hot that night by the way. I hope to see that side of you again today" I could feel him smirking at my reaction.

Without saying anything or looking back, I turned the door handle and ran out of his cabin towards mine with a flushed face and my heart beating wildly against my rib cage.

"Man! This is so embarrassing".

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