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   Chapter 41 Author's note

Gilded Cage By butterfly_effect Characters: 3888

Updated: 2019-04-22 17:53

Can't believe it's the fourth times! I have completed my fourth story!!! It's a fascinating experience putting bits and pieces of plots I have in mind into words as well as receiving feedback from you supportive readers! Thank you so much for the support from start till end.

Let's talk about the story this time. I have always wondered about this character next to the antagonist. You know that character that will do anything for the antagonist without a word of complain? The character that will even sacrifice herself/himself for the antagonist like the most loyal servant for the antagonist's great plan without a bat of his/her eyes? What if that character and the antagonist fall in love? Which side will the antagonist choose? His/her love or his/her great plan? That's the inspiration for this story!

During that time I read quite a few novels that are wuxia inspired, that's why this story was also slightly wuxia inspired with swords, manors, sects and stuff. The general background was slightly inspired by a dynasty I learned back when I still had the subject 'History'. You might notice there aren't any chinese romanticized words in the story, I

in veil between them. No one dare to break this fragile line between them. As for the future... who knows? That's up for you to decide!

Once again thank you for going through this journey with me! I usually have special chapters for my stories, but I really can't think of one for Arina/Carlisle. So as compensation, you can ask me questions! I will try to answer them! Tell me what you think of this story!

I already have inspiration for my next story. It's going to be a (sort of) sequel for Arina/Carlisle. (The hints are already in Reborn as Sea Spirit... but so far no one seems to be able to get it yet.) Please wait for it! In the mean time, you can check out my other stories (Reborn as a Sea Spirit or Diary of a Reborn Queen!).

Hope to see you next time!!

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