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   Chapter 39 Past~Arina

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"Not just yet." Ralph laughed excitedly and then he removed the cloth covering the cage.

I saw Carlisle raising his eyebrow in surprise.

"Duke, do you remember this?" Ralph walked forward to show me to the Duke.

The Duke stood up and took hold of the cage. He scrutinized me.

"You found it?" he asked shakily.

"No, Your Grace." Ralph then cried, "He didn't deserve to be the heir. This is a spy your dear son, Carlisle, sent to spy on you. Carlisle even planned to poison you! Luckily Mother found out just in time, so this spy knowing that she was exposed, escaped! Finally after days of searching, I captured this treacherous spy again."

Ralph just how quick you were to betray someone. I told him about how Carlisle used a blue bird, whom I said was Georgia, to spy on the Duke and I could pretend to be that blue as we looked very similar. He just had to dye my feathers blue. But Ralph turned it into a failed assassination attempt. Spying on a Duke was a crime severe enough. But Ralph took it even further.

"What?" One minister asked. "How can a bird spy or even kill someone?"

"This is no normal bird. This is a guard who works under Carlisle. She has the power to shape-shift into a bird."

The Duke who was standing in front of the cage began to shake. "Carlisle... you wanted to poison me?"

Carlisle lips twisted into a cynical smile and walked towards the Duke. No one was fast enough to react and before anyone knew it, he had unlocked the cage and taken a step back. "Why don't we hear from the bird involved."

Fright flashes through Ralph's eyes for one second. What was he thinking when he lied in front of me? Did he think I would go along with his lies? Ralph then sneered and said, "Go and tell everyone what your ex-master did to you! I will plead for you. You're just being used by your master and then he discarded you."

He seemed to be sure that I would push Carlisle to death because he left me to rot in his dungeon. He wasn't wrong. I hopped forward and out of the cage. I then shifted back into human. When I was about to open my mouth to greet Duke, I nearly chirped. I dug my fingers into my palm

fake! He forged them and implanted on me!"

"These letters have the chop of Orion Manor and your Manor's specialized ink! I can smell them a mile away! Drag him away!"

When the guards were dragging the struggling Ralph away passed by us, Carlisle stopped them and said, "Are you really under so much stress? Brother, you look so much slimmer! Where are your muscles? I thought you could get out of the hold of such guards easily with your power."

Ralph looked confused and was quite shocked after he realized what Carlisle was implying. He looked around and tried to shake the guards off again, but failed.

Carlisle leaned forward and whispered into his ear, "Be careful with what you eat, brother." He smiled. "I wonder what it feels to slowly lose your strength? Your hands, your arms, your feet, your legs..."

Realization dawned on Ralph's face, he began to scream, but no one seemed to be paying him any more attention. Everyone was discussing the ways to reverse damage potentially done by Ralph. Ralph was dragged away.

Carlisle turned around and saw me staring at him. He smiled and extended his hand. "Let's go home."

I looked at my sharpened nails. The instinct to fly drumming in my head. The urge to peck at food and water. My aching heart. These all indicated the impossibility for me to go home. And be used as a tool by him again.

I lowered my eyes and placed my hand in his.

Farewell, Carlisle.

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