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   Chapter 38 Past~Arina

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"Bring that girl out, " a big burly man demanded. He was different from when I first saw him, I thought. I tilted my head in confusion. But where was the different?

"It has been four days, I guess you no longer wanted to be toyed with by my mother, right?" the man in front of me said. "You have been tortured enough by your power repercussion. So spill everything you know about Carlisle. What's his weakness?"

Don't say anything. A voice appeared in my head. So I closed my mouth. I didn't even chirp.

"Are you deaf?" he shouted. "If you don't want to lose your arms or legs, you better speak."

After drenching several buckets of cold water on me, my brain finally became clearer. That's Ralph in front of me. He was finally done with his torture and my brain had shattered in the process as well. It's harder to focus and think straight for me these days. My thoughts were like a bird more and more often. If I didn't say anything now, he might really amputate my limbs. Even if I lost my mind, I still wanted my limbs intact.

"Master Carlisle, " I croaked, "was bad at sword. He was so bad that Lord Atherton likes Master Clark so much more."

Carlisle was not bad at sword at all. But as a tool of Carlisle, I could not expose his secrets, could I? Or maybe I could. He betrayed me first. No, he didn't betray me. He simply treated me as a tool. No feelings attached. A tool had no pride, no feelings and no future. It's silly of me to think otherwise.

"Are you treating me as a fool? I can get that after a walk in the market! Secrets! Weaknesses!"

I lowered my head. I was just a discarded tool, if I didn't save myself, no one would. Ralph was about to kill me too. So, Carlisle you should not blame me.

My mouth ticked up and I said, "I do know something. But in exchange you have to release me, do we have a deal?"


"Master Ralph of Orion Manor, " announced that servant who stood at the entrance of audience hall. His guards were not allowed to go inside, so they had to be left outside of the hall.

I peeked inside, all important ministers were standing in front of the throne. The thron

re still sleeping."

"That's not possible. You said yourself that no one could be teleported into the cave! And none of your guards can teleport. Or else why didn't you teleport directly to each destination? You went everywhere in your carriage!"

"We cannot teleport into the cave, but we can teleport close to the cave. As for the power teleportation..."

Carlisle had teleportation power. Then everything made sense. He was not transferred into my prison cell like I thought, he teleported himself. The reason why I was caught off guard both times even though I didn't hear him coming. Why I never saw him passed by me by the lake every time he appeared. He was able to teleport.

Someone cleared his throat and said, "Master Ralph, maybe you forgot. Master Carlisle's mother was famous for her teleportation."

"Then why did you go by carriage?" Ralph shrieked in anger.

"Now you have your answer. If I go everywhere in teleportation, how could I fool you, brother." Carlisle chuckled.

"Then how come you could touch the sword with your bare hand?" Ralph was losing, so he was trying hard to attack Carlisle.

"Maybe the same reason why the first Duke can touch the sword."

"The sword acknowledges him, " one minister whispered. The whole audience hall buzzed with excitement.

"I won, brother."

"Not just yet." Ralph finally picked the cage up from the floor, seemed like he finally remembered me.

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