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In the end, the misunderstanding was cleared up by Georgia bear hugging Arina. Arina was thoroughly confused. The girl hugging her seemed familiar, but who? From the time Carlisle appeared, she always got this sense of deja vu she had no idea where it came from. She was a bird, she should not have known them. And she did not understand why Carlisle was determined to find her and bring her back. She was merely a bird. A bird that could not fly.

"Is your mind still with me?" Carlisle drawled sarcastically.

Arina was still thinking through all the questions she had. She responded a few seconds after Carlisle called her.

"A textbook respond that you're not listening." Carlisle smiled gently and said, "Very courageous of you."

Arina knew in

o him. He knew at that instant in his chase of power and revenge, he had crushed Arina's heart with his own hand.Beyond repair. Could he ever be forgiven?

Probably not. Turned out he was not that different from his father after all.

He stood up and pulled Arina into his embrace. Stroking her hair, he whispered into her ear, "I am not your master. I am no longer your master. You're free, Arina."

Tears slid down Arina's face.

Drip. Drop.

She was finally released from her gilded cage.

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