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   Chapter 36 Past~Arina

Gilded Cage By butterfly_effect Characters: 6756

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Just as Ralph wanted, I was tortured and toyed with by Lady Sabrina, but never hurt to the point of breaking me. I believed he wished to torture me to the point I was exhausted both physically and mentally as well as making me suffer from as many repercussions from my power as possible. He succeeded. When I returned to my prison cell these two days, dozens of gashes peppered my whole arms and body. Bruises littered my skin.

I looked at the hay on the floor of my prison cell. I was about to... when a clank broke my thought. A tray of food was pushed into my cell. I hopped to the tray and squatted down. I was hungry and began to dig in. Soon, I was annoyed, the bowl was getting in the way of me. I stood up and with my feet I kicked the bowl to the side. The rice in the bowl scattered on the floor. Satisfied, I continued with eating.

When I was pecking at the bowl of water in front of me, I saw the reflection of myself in the tiny bowl. I realized. I realized I was not a bird. I was Arina, I was human. What was I doing? I braced myself, it wouldn't do. If this continued, I would lose my mind. I was already losing my mind. My power as a gray finch was too weak, I could not stay in that form for more than a few hours. And these two days exceeded my limit.

After three days in prison, I knew the guards' schedule. I pretended to sleep on the hay when the guards walked past for their night shift. After the guards disappeared around the corner, I knew they wouldn't return until before dawn. When the prison became still again, I slowly got up. My hand went to my head and took down a hairpin. It looked like a normal hairpin, small and insignificant. I pushed away the hay littering the floor in front of me until the stones hidden underneath the hay appeared. I sliced my hair pin on the stones that made up the floor, over and over. My hand hurt from holding such a small hair pin and the repetitive action. After a few hours, finally there was a scratch mark on the floor.

Every manor was warded b

uspect. Then we couldn't take him by surprise, " he said coldly.

"But... but... you said..." I continued to hold onto his sleeve. "Master, I can't handle their torture any longer." My voice wobbled a bit as I thought what torture was waiting for me.

Carlisle knelt down again, but his face was still shrouded in darkness. I just knew his head was turned sideways, gazing at my hands which were grabbing his sleeve.

"Master, they forced me to..."

His hand gently touched my forearms. Without knowing it, the sleeves covering my forearms had slid back and exposed all the bruises and gashes on my forearms. He stayed there for awhile and then his hand slid down. He then wrung my fingers away from his sleeve. He immediately stood up and stepped backward away from my reach.

"Arina, you're just my tool. Know your place." Then without another word, he teleported from the room. Leaving me alone in my cell room.

How stupid. Did I think I was in the position to demand things from Master Carlisle? I was just a tool he was making use of. My hand dropped and then I touched the thing he gave me.

I numbly picked it up. I opened the packaging paper to find a few slices of red bean cake. My eyes felt sore as I pecked at the food on my hand numbly.

The red bean cake tasted the same as before, but I would no longer be the same.

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