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   Chapter 35 Past~Arina

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They changed the power suppressing shackle on me with normal ones. The old man than walked forward, hands on my shoulder. I could feel a force seeping into my body.

"Sir Hans here can not only find out your power, but can also coerce you to use your power."

I had to shift no matter what, but Ralph had seen my blue finch form before. He might not remember a bird he had seen passingly, like Carlisle. But I could not risk it. So I shifted into my gray finch form.

"A bird? You tell me the guard Carlisle kept by his side can only shift into a bird the size of my fist? I thought you could turn into a bull at least. Then when he needs some strength, he can use you." He laughed hysterically. "A bird. No wonder he discarded you. Is Ivory Manor that weak nowadays? He couldn't have found a more useful guard?"

If I was that useless, I wouldn't be the one to spy on you and expose your secret of controlling the salt market by bribing Sir Rossi. I thought secretly. Salt was an ingredient that everyone used in their daily life, by controlling the market, he could earn a lot. That's also the reason why the Duke to get that furious.

The shackle around my foot stayed with me, it even shrank to accommodate my tiny feet. Guess it worked like my enchanted clothes, the shackles stayed with me at all times.

"I thought of something fun." He walked towards me and grabbed me in his hand. Unlike Carlisle who was skilled in handling a bird, the way Ralph held me was rough and brutal. My wings were crushed. I pecked at his hand with my beak in my struggle, leaving a blood trail.

"You!" In anger he pulled out my feathers and pain shot through my body. "If you do not want to become a one-winged bird, you stay put." He glared angrily. I pretended to struggle once more and then stayed in his fist dejectedly. I could not risk the fact of him amputating my wing.

He then walked out of the prison, the guard holding my shackle trailing behind him. We entered a beautiful courtyard.

"Mother, " he shouted out. "Mother I brought you something fun."

"What?" Lady Sabrina shouted back in annoyance. "I was just t

soldiers manning the fortress at the border open the gate for them when the time comes. So don't worry even if my father leaves a will passing the Dukedom to Carlisle, I can get back what is mine."

"But aren't you afraid of that tribe leader betraying you once he and his army enter our kingdom?"

It seemed like Lady Sabrina was not that stupid, I thought as I held back another wince as her sharp fingernails slashed through my wing. The tribes in the grassland had been meaning to occupy our kingdom for ages. It's just that our soldiers fought them back before they could enter our border and we had strong fortresses. Who knew what would happen if Ralph let them in to 'help' him.

"Don't worry. The tribe leader said he would marry his daughter to me. Then his daughter would be my hostage! Do I still need to worry about his betrayal? Furthermore, their army will never be as strong as ours."

Our kingdom's army was strong, that was true. But if Ralph really fought Carlisle for the Dukedom, first off Ivory Manor would no longer stay by Ralph side. Then the strength of our kingdom's army would be greatly reduced.

"My head hurts just from hearing things like this. I believe you, my clever son. Do what you want to do."

"Of course." Ralph's laughter rang throughout the whole room.

I closed my eyes after getting what I wanted and silently endured the torture Lady Sabrina inflicted on me.

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