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   Chapter 34 Past~Arina

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I was being pushed into a cellar brutally by the guards. The shackles that suppressed me was still on on. I calmly found a corner and huddled there.

After one day, as expected Ralph came bumbling in.

"Look what I have here. If you still have hope that your master will save you, it's better to drop it now, " Ralph boasted while showing off the sword he held with his gloved hand.

The appearance of the Sword of Fate had been recorded down in details. There were even several drawings of the Sword. It's not an extravagant sword, with not a single jewel decorating the pommel or the sheath, as some people might expect. It looked even like a practice wood sword. The special thing about the sword was that the grip of the sword and the sheath were made from a five hundred year old tree.

That tree was originally set on fire by a group of rebels. The tree was well respected by the villagers, saying a god resided inside the tree. Before the tree was fully burned to ashes, the first Duke of Cregan, then a nobleman, passed by the village. He suppressed that group of rebels and put out the fire. The remaining wood was used to craft the Sword of Fate by a master craftsman who resided in that village. Legend said that craftsman had the power to bless or charm objects, by now I believed that. Maybe that craftsman placed a charm on that sword so that only the first Duke could hold it.

I remained silent at Ralph's gloating.

"I am going to win that wimp. Hahahaha." He laughed in his annoying voice. Annoyance filled me but I had to pretend I was not affected by him. Luckily my training kicked in.

"I bet that wimp is still hiking up the mountain. I dare say he will still be climbing up that mountain when I return to the safety of my room. Hahahah, idiot. If he has to blame, blame his weak Manor, why didn't his Manor assign more useful tools for him. You look like you can't help much. What's your power?"

I remained silent.

"You don'

e was more impatient than Carlisle, that time we spent the whole afternoon interrogating Diane.

He sneered and said, "Never mind. I have ways to make you speak. I wonder what kind of power you possess? To be a guard for that wimp, you must have some useful powers. That wimp has such weak power he doesn't let others know what he has. Hahaha."

"You don't want to say? Never mind, you don't have to tell me. Orion Manor has a lot of talented people." He snapped his finger and an old man walked into the prison.

"Master Ralph, " he greeted reverently.

"Let's see what power you possess." He smiled evilly. "Sometimes, suffering from the repercussion of one's power is the harshest torture. Not drenching you in water or hitting you, isn't it?"

The old man walked to me and placed his hand on my shoulder. After a second and remove his hand. He reported, "Master Ralph, this prisoner here has the power to shape shift."

"Shape shift. What can you shift into? You must be quite powerful for Carlisle to keep you. I wonder what repercussions shape shifter had. Let's find out."

I still looked calmly at him. I was not afraid, he could not force me to use my power.

"You thought I can't force you to use your power? You're wrong. I can." He smiled evilly and called, "Change her shackles."

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