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   Chapter 33 Present

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After days of travelling, Carlilse and Arina finally returned to the capital. Arina was gazing at the peach tree in the backyard of Carlisle's courtyard.

"I never have the chance to see the blossoms of this tree, " she muttered softly.

She had indeed never had the chance to see this tree blossoms. They were officially introduced shortly after the peach tree bloomed and she had left, like she had planned, just before this tree bloomed. Was her memory coming back?

But what Arina said shortly after shattered his hope. "I want to fly. I want to fly to the top of that tree. Why can't I fly?" She tilted her head to the side and looked at him. Her eyes had shifted to her bird ones.

Unbeknownst by her, the silver bracelet he gave her was charmed to suppress her power. Under her current situation, she might not even shift back into human once she shifted into a bird. Carlisle had been reading thro

d her face. She was slowly pulled out of her deep buried memories.

Carlisle was torn. On one hand, his hope was raised as Arina seemed to get back some of her memories. On the other hand, he knew he had gone way too far and Arina looked like she was in pain. It's all his fault, he laughed at himself. This was all his punishment.

Arina slowly opened her eyes, Carlisle saw a dash of sanity in her eyes but it quickly disappeared. Carlisle wondered if there would ever be day in which Arina could look at him again with her calm and intelligent eyes. Just like in the past.

It's his punishment.

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