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   Chapter 32 Past~Arina

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All twenty soldiers surrounded us and attacked us at once. Georgia and I immediately took out our sword. We stood back to back and started to defend ourselves. Georgia made used of her enhanced speed and sliced through all those soldiers in front of her. While I made used of my enhanced agility and side stepped attacks coming my way. A twist of my wrist, a stab through the waist, a hop to the sky and attack while the attackers were taken by surprise. Sword flashing and blood splashing, there were too many attackers. It's very apparent after a few spar between us and the attackers that all our attackers were seasoned soldiers from Orion Manor. The two of us could not handle all of them. We were just new graduates.

We took down some of them, but we were injured as well. There were sword wounds all over my body, over my arms, shoulders, back and legs. My accuracy was dropping. Blood dripped down my hand. But the attackers kept coming and coming. Maybe even a whole squad had come. That's not supposed to happen. Most of the soldiers should stay at where they're stationed at all time.

A backhand stab from my attacker slashed my forearm, I dropped my sword and was immediately captured by one soldier. My hands were immediately shackled by power suppressing handcuffs. I took a look at Georgia, she's not any better than me, wounds were over her body. A while after I was captured, she went down as well.

"It's just two little girls, you took that much time to capture them?" Ralph stomped out from behind the soldiers.

"We apologize, Master Ralph, " one man who was apparently the captain said. He was squeezing his hand into a fist behind his back, like holding back his anger. That captain certainly didn't like Master Ralph.

"I wonder if that wimp would agree to exchange his gloves and potion for one of you." He smirked. "I know

dy when he told me to stay in the cage and complete my mission? Why did my heart still seem to hurt at this truth? Why did my heart ache when he chose Georgia over me? Hadn't we had everything planned?

"Sometimes, you have to fool your enemy into believing you have fallen into his trap, " he had said.

"Ralph will plan to capture the two of you when he knows I have the potion and the gloves."

"I will save Georgia."

I had asked for a reason, shouldn't the two of us be the same? But what did I get? A reply to put me in place.

"You're all just my tools, is it your place to demand answers from your master?"

Contrary to what Ralph believed, all those gentleness, the time we spent together was all fake. A way to fool him into believing Carlisle had someone he cared for more among the two of us. Because Carlisle knew Ralph was eavesdropping on us through the guard who had the power to hear within a certain radius of him. That's why Ralph could always be a step before us. It's all because Carlisle gave them the permission to eavesdrop on us. When normally, Ralph couldn't even get within 1 kilometer of Carlisle.

It's all part of our plan, even the part where I was captured.

And Ralph had fallen right in.

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