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   Chapter 31 Past~Arina

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"Why is Master Ralph always one step faster than us?" Georgia asked. "It's the second time! But when we first started, we were the first to find out where Old Henry was!"

"Maybe they knew where to find Clark without needing to ask Old Henry, " I replied while placing a piece of black marble on the chessboard.

We're now in a carriage on our way to find the man, 'Smoky', who claimed to find the Sword of Fate but was defeated by the corrosive nature of the Sword. We first started with his colleague, Old Henry, back in the days when Smoky was still working under the military. Old Henry said he hadn't heard from Smoky for ages since he set out to find a healer to heal his rotten hand as well as to discover the secrets of the corrosive sword. Smoky sent one last letter ten years ago before he lost all contact, it's from an inn in a town in the Northwest part of the country. That's when Ralph appeared and he was always one step quicker than us. When we had finally arrived at the inn in the afternoon, we realized Ralph had been there in the morning.

"Sometimes wonder if your brain is filled with holes, " Carlisle said sarcastically. He looked bored and I was pretty sure he won this match. Again.

Carlisle looked more or less normal after that meeting with his father. But it's just on surface, once in awhile, some dark emotions swirled in his eyes. A number of tea cups had cracked in his hand.

"Let me see how Janus is doing." Georgia smiled sweetly and jumped out of the carriage.

Betrayer. You simply didn't want to suffer from Ca

starts to break. It's cursed."

"What if I had a glove made of finest copper? And a solution from a healer that resists corrosion?"

"Well you can definitely try." The old man laughed harshly. "Thank you for your meal."

And then he walked away while laughing madly.

"Janus, we'll set out to the Southern Mountains."

"Yes, Master."

After another four days of carriage ride, we finally reached the town below the Southern Mountains and decided to take a day's rest before hiking the mountain. As for Ralph, we had no idea where he had gone. We hadn't seen him since the day we met Smoky. Even if Ralph had got hold of the sword before us, we still had chance to get that back before we reached the capital. Hiking the mountain was going to be demanding, so we decided to get enough rest in the inn first. Georgia and I were responsible for buying materials for the hike.

We were walking back to the inn along the main street when we were surrounded by twenty people, all holding a sword. They began to attack immediately.

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