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"I don't want to wear this, " Arina said as she lifted up the veil covering her face.

Carlisle tilted her head up, so that he could see her eyes. His fingers gently touched the edge of her eyes. "You have beautiful bird eyes. Not everyone can appreciate that."

"Of course I have bird eyes, I am a bird. You're humans that's why we're different, " she said seriously.

Here it goes again, Carlisle thought. Her brain omitting anything that linked her to human.

"Not everyone is like me, Arina, " he smiled in a way that he knew would make him look charming. "Let's keep it that way." He gave her forehead a tiny little tap and then released the veil, so that it covered her face once more.

At that moment, Arina was happy that a veil covered her face. She could feel her face getting warmer. Why did he smile like that? Arina thought in annoyance. He was definitely not like that before. Before? Did she know him? She furrowed her brows in confusion.

"Arina, you will get lost if you don't follow closely, " Carlisle called back and was offering his hand. She hopped forward and placed her hand inside his. He quickly held onto it firmly, like he was afraid he would lost her.

Different ty

praises the moon."

Carlisle was about to say something when Arina recited a poem without thinking. She was a bit taken aback by the words that flew out of her mouth. Why did she know a poem? She tilted her head in confusion.

"It's yours."

Carlisle squeezed her hand. This drew her back from her trance and she took the lantern from the man.

"Did you enjoy today's trip?"

Arina did not reply, instead she was silently swaying the lantern in her hand.

"Good, if you don't like festivals like this, I don't have to accompany you ever again. I don't like being squashed every few minutes too."

Arina hit him lightly on the arm and then ran away, hopping back onto the carriage.

A small sweet smile was on Arina's face throughout the evening, without anyone knowing beneath the veil.

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