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   Chapter 29 Past~Arina

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"I really don't know, Master Carlisle." The woman in front of me sobbed. She was kneeling in the backyard, shivering non-stop in the cold weather.

Master Carlisle was leisurely reading the book in his hand, not even looking up. The woman has been kneeling in the cold weather for many hours. She was the servant who last saw Lady Rosanne before she died. According to the other servants who had seen Lady Rosanne that day, Lady Rosanne was alive and well. She was even planning to cook a dish later that day and dine with Master Carlisle. The servants were ordered to prepare the ingredients in the kitchen. When they returned, Lady Rosanne was found lying on the floor unconscious. The servant we were interrogating now, Diane, was standing next to Lady Rosanne. She of course was the most likely suspect.

"I really don't know, Master Carlisle! I don't have memory of that day! Before I knew it, I was in the prison." She sobbed uncontrollably.

"I did my homework, but my dog ate it." Carlisle drawled. "I wonder who still believes in such excuse these days. Do you, Arina?" The smile hanging on his face was as cold as ice and extremely frightening.

I hesitantly shook my head.

"If you have something you want to say, say it. I can't hear your thoughts, can I?"

"Master Carlisle, can I ask her some questions?" I had a vague hypothesis, but I needed more evidence. No use getting Carlisle's hope up.

Carlisle scrutinized me and then finally nodded once.

"Diane, aside from the day... of the incident, is your memory still intact? Can you remember what you did the day before the incident?"

Diane closed her eyes and furrowed her brows, after awhile she finally opened her eyes and said, "Yes, but it's a bit fuzzy."

"What did you do that day?"

"That morning Lady Rosanne said winter was coming, she wanted to make a cape for Master Carlisle." Diane shot a glance at Carlisle and then continued, "She ordered us to bring in the clo

e had gone. Some said it was stored in a vault deep under earth. Some said it was sealed inside a cave in Cregan's highest mountain. Some said it was buried with the first Duke of Cregan. Some claimed to have found the sword, but said they could not take it out. A beast guarded the sword. They said even if you could get past the beast, there's no way to pick up the sword. Your hand would start to rot as soon as you touched the sword.

"No, I want you to get it." A deep voice cut in. It's the Duke. He looked like he had aged in just the few months since we last saw him.

Carlisle snorted. "This is not somewhere Your Grace should be. Janus, lead Your Grace back to where he's supposed to be."

"Carlisle, I didn't want to betray your mother. I was forced and charmed by that Sabrina. Her power makes others her puppets. And she poisoned me and said if I didn't follow her commands, she would kill me!"

"Your Grace, there's such thing called a healer in this world. And I truly doubt her power is strong enough to allude your mind every single second of your life. See, you're thinking for yourself now! Not wanting to use your brain is not an excuse for betraying my mother. If you'll excuse me, I have a sword to find."

Carlisle then dragged me away, leaving behind his collapsed father.

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