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   Chapter 28 Past~Arina

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It's the end of the year. That meant it's time for us to be allocated our future positions. I would most probably either be asked to join the government or the military.

"It's nearly this time of the year. That means I have the name list for apprentices who are selected by the head family to stay working in the manor. For those whose names are not called, you have to attend the evaluation tomorrow. It'll be a selection for guards and soldiers, " Master Fu said solemnly.

Nobody really cared since the names he called out were going to be his star pupils anyway.

He then began to call out names, as expected many of which his star pupils. It was nearly the end of the list when he said, "The last apprentice, Arina."

I widened my eyes in shock. I didn't expect that. Who selected me?

"Arina!" I collected my wooden plaque that indicated my identity as a member of Ivory Manor and my assignment letter from Master Fu.

Master Fu left soon after that.

"Arina! We could work together in the manor!" Georgia came fluttering to me excitedly. "Where are you assigned? I got selected as the personal guards for Lady Atherton."

It didn't come as a surprise. Master Fu had been assigning her missions helping out the guards for Lady Atherton.

"Congrats, " I said. I opened my letter and my heart skipped a beat when I saw my assignment.

"How about you? Maybe we can work together!"

"I am assigned to be the personal guard for Lady Rosanne."

"Oh look like we're not working together. But we'll still be close." She smiled brightly.

Lady Rosanne's guard? But

ere. Then, her health deteriorated." His eyes flashed in anger. "She could no longer walk to the lake she liked and fed the birds. She could no longer keep those birds she held so dear."

He stroked my hair once and twirled a strand of my hair around his finger and said, "I would love to send my mother off with a bird at least. Can you stay with my mother for one night?"

"Of course." I lowered my head and bit my lips to prevent my voice from quivering. "I would love to."

"Thank you." He smiled. A smile without mocking or sarcasm. Just a pure smile filled with sadness.

I shifted into a blue finch and flew around Carlisle once before flying towards the rose bush and picked up one rose with my beak. I flew inside the room and saw Lady Rosanne lying on her bed. She was a true beauty. She looked like she was simply sleeping peacefully, waiting to be waken up by the sun. I placed the rose next to her and landed by her side. I chirped bird songs throughout the night. Accompanying Carlisle to send his mother away.

Until the sun rose.

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