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   Chapter 27 Past~Arina

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As Carlisle expected, the Duke really received the ambassador in his study. Luckily, my cage was placed just on the table of the study (as the Duke seemed to really like me a lot). I could glance at the proposed treaty and letter when the Duke read them. Ralph also made a visit, trying to ask his father to give him back his role in the government. He was turned down quite harshly. I thought I knew where Carlisle got his sharp tongue from.

Lady Sabrina also wanted a meeting with the Duke. She got past the servant and guards at the door, but before she could open the door to the study, she was driven away by the Duke in anger. When the Duke was shouting at her across the door, he blocked his nose with his hand. I sniffed the air, that's when I found a tangy sweet scent. Maybe the Duke hated the fragrance Lady Sabrina used?

Lady Sabrina shouted back, "You'll regret what you said today. Do you think you can get out of my hold? Never!"

The Duke snorted. He then shifted his attention to me. He said with a sad smile, "Do you think she will ever forgive me?" He seemed lonely and sad. "Will Carlisle forgive me?"

I didn't know Lady Rosanne's answer, but I knew Master Carlisle's answer. Not ever going to happen. No matter the reason. Carlisle might seem to be all polite and respectful during the whole meeting, but his eyes looked hollow. He held no feelings for the Duke, his supposed father. Even if there were, only hatred and anger was left.

The Duke simply gazed at me till late at night. Then he finally left the study. I had to get out of here. I unlocked the cage from my side and hopped out. The closed window was not a problem for me, I simply pushed open the window and then I flew out.

I finally returned to Carlisle's courtyard when the sun raised. Surprisingly, I found Carlisle sitting in his backyard, hot tea on one side, a chess board on the othe

rom glaring at Carlisle.

"Master Carlisle, I will return to my dormitory." I stood up and nodded.

"But I prepared a dinner from Jade Garden as reward." He smiled like a sly fox. "Are you refusing a reward from the master?"

"I wouldn't dare, Master Carlisle, " I said through clenched teeth.

"There is still time before dinner, let's have another match of chess." He smiled graciously and patted me on the head.

During dinner, I found out I still had this urge to peck at the food in front of me. The repercussions didn't last that long, did it? When I excused myself after dinner, I was stopped again by Master Carlisle. He tilted my head up and scrutinized me.

"At least your eyes are now normal human ones." He patted on my hair and said with a smile, "Don't die. See you next time. Janus will show you out."

He then waved me away and returned to his own room. My eyes? My repercussions didn't stay that long, did they? So he was holding me back all afternoon to stop others from finding out?

"Apprentice Arina, this way." Janus appeared and gestured me to follow him. "Master said not to let you use your power today, so I will lead you back through a hidden track."

What a strange master, I thought as I walked under the moon.

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