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   Chapter 25 Past~Arina

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Duke's place was situated in the center of the capital. It was huge place. The party was held in the garden inside the place. Guests were announced when they entered the garden.

"Master Carlisle of Ivory Manor." The servant announced. Everyone in the scene stopped talking at once. Janus followed silently behind his master. The cage I was in was held by Janus, a cloth covered the cage. So I was not able to see my surrounding. But this heightened my hearing.

"Did the Duke invite him?" one whispered.

"I heard rumors that Duke was not satisfied with Master Ralph to begin with. Now that he made a mess of his work and bribed Sir Rossi to take hold of the salt market, Duke seems to lose all hope in him."

"True. Duke really didn't like Ralph. I always hear him scolding and insulting him. Maybe he offered him a role in the government purely because of his mother."

"Tsk... that woman."

Finally, Janus stopped walking.

"Your Grace, Ivory Manor wishes you a happy birthday. May all the wishes you have be fulfilled." Janus then walked forward. "Ivory Manor prepared this. Hope this present is up to your Grace's standard." The cloth was then removed.

I tilted my head and chirped. Spreading my wings once in the process. Even though based on what Carlisle said, it seemed like it'd be very easy. As if! Would Duke place a bird he didn't like in his own study?

"Hey, wimp. Do you think just by bringing a wild ugly bird, you can appease my father? My father likes pure breed birds. Birds of quality, not some random birds you picked up on the street." Ralph was about to bump his fist on Carlisle's chest when Master Carlisle stepped away elegantly with a gentle smile on his

ned with anger at the mention of his mother. He quickly disguised it.

"My mother certainly loves bird." He neither denied it nor agreed with the Duke.

Carlisle looked at the dais. That's when I saw Lady Sabrina's face was bright red with fury. Carlisle took in everything.

"I am glad you like the present our Manor presented, Your Grace." He gave him another bow and returned to his seat. Before he was gone, I saw a flash of cold mocking smile on his face.

The Duke ordered the servant standing next to him. "Take this bird to my study. Make sure that no one could get into the study." He then gave the lady sitting on the dais a meaningful glance.

Part one of my mission accomplished. What's left was to extract the info Carlisle needed.

When the servant was carrying me to the study, I passed by the ambassador from the grassland tribe. Why did Ralph, who was far across the garden, gave the ambassador a small nod? If it wasn't for my enhanced bird eyesight I might not catch that. Ralph was not associating himself with the tribe from grassland right? This is certainly something I had to report to Carlisle.

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