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   Chapter 24 Past~Arina

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"Do you know I hate people lying to me?" he asked while stroking the feather on my head. The smile on his face was icy and frightening.

So in the end he still discovered? Maybe if I pretended like I didn't understand what he said...

"Stop struggling." He pointed his finger at my forehead. "I doubt you'd find a second bird with the same pattern here."

What pattern? He held me above a cup of tea, I looked at my reflection in the tea. Surely enough there was a crown shaped pattern in light blue feathers amid the dark blue feathers on my forehead.

I was too accustomed to my bird form, I had no idea this would give me away. I wanted to cry at my stupidity.

"Still denying?" he asked with a sarcastic smile.

I shook my tiny head and chirped. I didn't dare.

"Good. You must be hungry after flying all the way here from the manor." The gentle smile was back on his face while he pushed the plate with a slice of red bean cake to me. "Eat."

He wouldn't poison me, would he?

"Don't worry, you're not my brother, so I won't poison you." The smile still hanged on his face and then it twisted into something more cynical, "As for if my brother will poison me, I am not sure. You tell me."

So I acted as a poison tester? Whatever the master said, you had to do. And considering he seemed to be angry with me lying to him, let's just follow his command for now.

I leaned forward and pecked at the cake in front of me. As expected, the plate slid backward just as I was about to peck at it. Childish much? Since he wanted to toy with me, go ahead! As long as I was not further punished.

In the end, it took me more than half an hour to finish eating that slice of cake.

"I guess it's not poisoned. Lucky you." He smirked.

I shifted back to my human form and bowed. "Thank you for the cake, Master Carlisle."



Basically it's just spying. Then did I have to go in a cage? I could just stay outside and listen!

"Ambassadors from the grassland tribe is going to bring in a letter from their tribe leader and a proposed treaty. You're going to take a look at that. I doubt even with your enhanced vision, you could see through the closed window?"

"Master Carlisle, I really could not stay in my bird form more than one day. If I was locked inside the cage as a gift for the Duke..." who knew what kind of repercussion I would suffer. I might as well lost my mind.

"I know your power as a blue finch is not as strong as a gray finch." I nearly winced, it's the other way round.

He continued, "Who said you're being locked in? The lock for this cage is really interesting. And if you're being locked in, who is going to tell me your findings? Your ghost? I am sorry I don't have the power to see ghosts."

So the lock was tampered with.

"So does that mean I sneak out after the party?"

"As long as you get everything I want." Without noticing, he was standing quite close to me. He stroked my hair liked he would when I was a blue finch and said with a gentle smile, "I look forward to your return, little finch."

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