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   Chapter 23 Past~Arina

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"Wow that last technique was good!" Lilian exclaimed. Our evaluation was just over. It ended with me jumping out of her hold like that time with Carlisle and an attack at her waist. But of course I tuned it down, so I did not stay in the sky. It looked like a simple jump.

"Your new technique was really cool too. That flaming circle."

"Hehehe... Finally evaluation done, we can have a rest."

"True. Did you have fun with your mission?"

"You mean did I have fun accompanying a spoiled noblewoman from one town to another? What do you think?" Lilian rolled her eyes. "She demanded an all girl military protecting her. As if she's that important."

"Well at least you got a mission."

Most apprentices who graduated would enter the military. Cregan was a military based society. To work in the government, one had to be competent in fighting in some way. Each sect or manor groomed their apprentices to be competent in some way, no matter with a sword or a bow, and the apprentices in turn served their manor or sect in the government. They represented that sect or manor, they became the power of that sect or manor.

Of course some apprentices remained under the manor to become personal guards of important people of the Manor or work as hidden soldiers of the head family. While most apprentices future would be determined by Master Fu, some who had potential would be selected by the head family. That's why Master Fu always arranged his star pupils to work in missions that involved the head family, so they could be selected when the time came.

I shifted back into human form in the empty corridor of Jade Garden. Master Carlisle sent me a note this morning and asked me to


"I see. But your family didn't know?"

"You see the power to shift into a blue finch is much weaker. And as the saying said we should not show all our cards. So Georgia did not know the stronger one."

It's actually the other way round. Please believe it.

"I see." He nodded like he totally understood. "Now don't worry, I didn't forget about the punishment. Eat this slice of pastry in your bird form. Oh... not your gray one, but your blue one." He was still smirking in that annoying way.

"But... that power is really weak..."

"Your cousin, Georgia, has seen it and didn't comment on it. So I doubt it'll be as weak as you said. Or are you hiding something?" His eyes gleamed dangerously.

Should I beg for his forgiveness?

"Arina, we don't have much time."

Maybe he wouldn't recognize me, birds all looked alike. Who was I kidding? He looked like he had won already.

Dejectedly, I shifted into my blue finch form. As soon as I landed on the table, I was caught by Master Carlisle.

"Caught you, my escaped blue finch." That annoying smirk hanged on his face all this time.

Such a devil.

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