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   Chapter 22 Past~Arina

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I knew Master Carlisle was not a 'wimp' like Master Ralph said when rumors of Ralph was attempting to control the price of salt in the market spread through the capital. That's not the worse for Master Ralph, evidence of him bribing Sir Rossi was sent to Sir Rossi's political enemies. Thus his wrongdoings was brought to the attention of Duke of Cregan, Master Carlisle and Master Ralph's father. Duke was furious and he punished Master Ralph by confining him to his own courtyard. Ralph was also striped of his duty in the government.

No, Master Carlisle was definitely not a wimp. People said he was not interested in inheriting the Duke position, but it certainly didn't feel like that. I had been sent out several times to spy on Ralph and his gang.

"Arina, you seemed quite busy these days. Haven't seen you in the practice ground lately, " Lilian said. "Evaluation is coming up."

"I had some Court business and reading to deal with last week. Are you free to practice today?"

"No, I am sorry, Arina. Got a mission, I won't be back till the day after."

"It's alright. How's your practice going? I am sorry I was not free last week."

"Georgia practiced with me, so it's going good. Wait till you see my advanced technique."

"I can't wait." I gave her a smile. I hope her new technique wouldn't catch me by surprise. The evaluation was two days later. So there's no way I could practice with Lilian before she returned from mission. And I had dropped behind in practicing because of the spying missions Carlisle gave me.

I walked to the practice ground as soon as we're dismissed, but found out that the practice ground was packed with apprentices. Younger apprentices must have their evaluations around the same time as us this time. It's noisy and packed, I could not practice like this. I turned around and walked towards the lake by Mirror Court. Even though equipm

ed to be toyed by him. Georgia was not around. I wouldn't be compared to her.

Determining to put to play what I had imagined in my mind long ago, I tuned in some of my power to my feet and hands. I let Carlisle trapped me in a corner and then using the tree behind me as a jumping board, I jumped high over him, bending my waist and attacked him from above him. My power allowed me turn mid-jump and stayed in the sky for a longer period of time. I caught him by surprise and when I landed behind him, with my enhanced speed, I quickly slashed my sword at his exposed waist.

That was when I realized his sword was also touching my neck. How had he responded so quickly?

"You nearly had me thinking you're aiming to be a servant in the kitchen instead of part of Manor Ivory." He removed his sword from my neck. "That last technique was alright."

Did that mean I gain his approval? I no longer acted like a dumb bird? Wait. Did his judgement of me matter? No, of course not.

"Thank you for sparring with me. I learned a lot."

Carlisle smirked and then said, "I learned nothing."

He then proceeded to point out all my mistakes as harshly as possible. When he left, my face was as bright as the sinking sun. Looked like I was still a dumb bird.

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