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   Chapter 21 Present

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"Wow, now I truly believe that Arina is a member of the Ivory Manor, " Joanne said in awe as she gazed at the girl who was dancing gracefully with a sword in the backward. She was as agile as a bird, her movement as graceful as waterfall. She was dancing among the wind.

Arina was confused. As soon as her hand got hold of the wooden practice sword Carlisle lent her, her body knew how to hold the sword. She could twirl the sword with her wrist as easily as a flip of a coin. She could perform sequences with the sword like it was second nature to her. She should be a bird, but why did she know how to use a sword? Why did she think the sword belong in her hand? She stopped and gazed at the sword in her hand.

"You might be able to fool Joanne, but you slacked off during class, didn't you?" Carlisle stood in front of her, twirling his sword in a compli

ld she really say human language? She opened her mouth and words just flew out of it. "There is a bird egg. I was not cheating!"

Carlisle smiled sweetly and stroked her on her hair to calm her down. "Is that an excuse?"

"Definitely not!"


"I told you it's just an accident! If I could fly, I wouldn't have crashed into you!"

"Then shouldn't I found myself lucky that you couldn't fly?" Carlisle smiled.

Arina didn't understand why her face seemed hot. She also didn't understand the bitter and sweet taste that filled her heart at that instant.

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