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   Chapter 20 Past~Arina

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I didn't understand what Master Carlisle was planning. After arriving in Jade Garden, we were led to a room and Master Carlisle pulled me down to eat with him. I was planning to stand at the corner like any guard did, but he asked me to eat with him. I thought he was meeting with someone in the restaurant. Furthermore, what did he mean by saying I would be able to show him my bird form later today?

A slice of red bean cake was placed into my bowl.

"Jade Garden was famous for its red bean cake. Only limited batches will be made each day. Try it." He acted like a truly nice person entertaining his guest, but I did not trust him. No matter how he smiled, he looked like a sly fox waiting for a dumb bird to jump into his trap.

"Thank you, Master." I took a small bite of the cake. This was the cake he fed me when I was a dumb bird. Would rich people really waste such an expensive cake on a bird?

"Have you ever tried this before? You looked like you have tasted this before."

Now the fishing started again.

"No, Master. Thank you for treating me to this, it's the most delicious red bean cake I have eaten in my life."

"Eat as much as you want." He had a gentle smile on his face the whole time.

We continued to eat in silence. He was planning something, but what?

After the last plate of food had been cleared away by the waiter, Master Carlisle looked out of the huge window of the room. The window looked out at the main street. People were buzzing around. Hawkers were selling off food, handkerchiefs, cosmetics... anything you could imagined. Carriages rode past once in awhile.

Just then someone on a horse rode by while shouting, "Get out of our way! Master Ralph of Orion Manor is passing by!"

All the hawkers packed up their things and shifted back. The pedestrians all stayed as far away from the road as possible. They all hung down their head in reverence or fright? Then a huge carriage made of the best wood passed by. The ensign on the carriage indicating who

d entered the courtyard through this door.

After they disappeared from the alley, I flew into the courtyard. They were led into a room. I landed on the roof of that room and joined the group of birds resting on the roof. I listened in.

When I knew I have learned enough, I flew away, back to the Jade Garden. Master Carlisle was still inside that chamber, hot tea on the table and a book in hand. When I flew back in, he didn't even look up and said, "That's a pretty long walk you had. I am sure you get something useful." He looked at me with his usual smile, "Grandmother was right, you really have a beautiful bird form." He flicked his finger at my forehead, before he could touch me, I hopped back.

A soft chuckle raised from his throat while I shifted back into human. A cup of hot tea was placed in front of me. I held back the desire to peck at the water in front of me with my beak. I knew I had stayed too long in my gray finch form. The repercussion was messing with my brain. Focus, Arina. I placed my palms around the cup. The heat from the cup slowly drew me back to my normal self.

"So what did you get?" Carlisle asked while holding the cup of hot tea to his smiling mouth. The steam from the tea drifting up, masking his eyes a bit. Through the steam, his eyes were as sharp as a falcon. A falcon on his hunt.

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