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   Chapter 19 Past~Arina

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I retired to bed very early that day. But I could not fall asleep. What did Carlisle mean by that? Did that mean he suspect that I was that dumb blue finch he met? Or he had already found out? Was I exposed by just that sword wound? What should I do now?

In the end I knew what I had to do. Contrary to what Georgia and Uncle believed, I did have two powers. But it's as useless as having one. You see just like Georgia's parents, both of my parents were shape-shifters. My father could shift into an eagle, my mother a snake. A really strange combination. So one would expect me inheriting those two powers, but I inherited my grandmother's power.

I could only shift into a finch. But as if to compensate me for my lack of luck, I could choose to shift into two different colors. My power to shape-shift into a blue finch was stronger, that's why I liked to shift into a blue finch. My other power was to shape-shift into a gray finch, but it was much weaker. I didn't even know if I could maintain in that appearance for at least half a day and I suffered from repercussion more easily in my gray finch form. My repercussions came into the form of acting or thinking like a bird for awhile.

So next time if Master Carlisle asked me to shift into my bird form, I could simply choose the gray bird form. That would probably clear his doubts. As for my forearm wound, it has already recovered. A very slight scar remained, which was strange for a wound that deep as one would expect a deeper scar.

Next time came sooner than I expected. The next day, Master Fu told me to stay behind after class.

"Arina, I have a mission for you.

ere's no time for me to think what that meant, I quickly followed him.

We went to the capital by carriage. Each of us sitting on one side of the carriage. Master Carlisle was reading when he suddenly said, "Your father said you could shift into a finch."

"That's right, Master."

"Must be quite a beautiful bird."

I knew you're just fishing for answers and I was definitely not going to give you that.

"Unfortunately, Master, my bird form is not particularly special." I smiled apologetically.

"Really, Grandmother said people from your family had beautiful animal forms. Especially those who could turn into finches. She said you all had bright and beautiful feathers."

"That's true about my grandmother and my aunt. They have beautiful bird forms. But I could only shape shift into a gray finch." Again I smiled sadly.

I could see interest sparked in his eyes and his lips twisted into a half smile. "I don't believe you. Luckily, there's chance for you to show me today. We have arrived."

We have arrived at the most famous restaurant in the capital, Jade Garden.

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