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   Chapter 18 Past~Arina

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"Arina, are you going to practice today?"

"No. I have some reading to catch up." I smiled apologetically at Lilian.

"It's fine." She waved dismissively. "I don't want to practice today too. It's nearly evaluation again, but why did they give us so many readings? I need to study for that upcoming literature exam."

"Let's practice tomorrow?" I suggested.

She nodded. "Sure!"

"I will go first." I picked up my things and saw Georgia looking at me from the distance. She gave a slight nod and then she was gone.

When I returned to my room, I put down my belongings and changed into a new dress. All my dresses were charmed to be able to stay on me even when I shifted into and out of a bird. After checking my appearance, I shifted into a bird and flew out of the window. I flew in the direction of the willow tree that was located in the living area of the head family. When I arrived, I saw my parents and my uncle waiting beneath the tree. Georgia was already there, standing next to her father, my uncle. I landed and shifted back into human. I greeted my parents and uncle, giving a small nod to Georgia.

"You've finally arrived!" Georgia smiled sweetly. "Thought you'll beat me, since you're living in Mirror Court."

I smiled politely in reply. "Sorry to keep you waiting."

"It's alright, Lady hasn't called us in yet, " my uncle answered.

Just then a middle aged lady walked towards us. "Lady is waiting for you." She then gestured us to follow her. We're led into a huge room. The smell of rich incense filled the place. Delicate vases and paintings decorated the room. At the end of the room hanged a huge veil with the silhouette of two people behind the veil.

My parents and my uncle entered the room first, followed by Georgia and I. When we were a few steps away from the veil. My parents and uncle bowed respectfully and greeted the people behind t

with both of my hands.

"You're welcome, " he replied with a gentle smile on his face while taking the handkerchief from my hand. "I saved an injured blue finch a few days ago, but it escaped. I wonder if its injury has healed now."

I kept my head down in a respectful manner. When I heard of him mentioning 'an injured blue finch', my eyes widened a bit in fright, but I quickly hid it. Surely, he wouldn't be able to connect...

Carlisle snapped his fingers and then the door behind us opened, Janus standing at the entrance.

"Janus will show you guys out. I'm glad to meet you all, " he said with a smile on his face. Then his eyes gleamed, "I look forward to working with you."

We thanked Carlisle one last time and then we began to walk out of the room one by one, starting with Georgia who was standing closest to the door. I was the last.

Before the door closed behind me, Carlisle said in a nonchalant voice, "That blue finch that escaped from me has a sword wound over its right wing. Just like you, Arina. Quite a coincidence, isn't it?"

I widened my eyes in shock. Did he find out? Before I could do anything, the door behind me closed.

Just before the door closed, I heard a soft chuckle and Carlisle saying, "See you soon."

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