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   Chapter 17 Present

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"Arina, what are doing?" Joanne asked the girl who was tugging at the lock that chained her shackle to the pillar.

Arina looked up to find Joanne, her caretaker, staring at her. Arina knew Joanne could help her. She stopped tugging at the chain and pointed her finger at the entrance to her courtyard. She began to chirp. Joanne was confused.

"The entrance? There's someone at the entrance?"

Arina shook her head and continued to chirp. Joanne was surprised. Arina could understand her? Awhile ago, no matter how hard she tried to talk to her, Arina didn't seem to understand what she was saying. She acted like a real bird, unable to comprehend human words.

Arina continued to point at the entrance and then tug at the lock on the pillar.

"You want to go to the entrance?"

This time Arina nodded her head and a small smile appeared on her face.

"Why, but there is nothing at the entrance! You'll be bored!"

Arina responded by pulling her chains.

"Alright." Joanne then muttered to herself, "That's weird, usually at such a time, Lord Carlisle will have arrived!" She unlocked the lock and before she knew it she was pulled along by Arina in the direction of the entrance.

Arina stood at the entrance and peeked out every once in awhile. That's when Joanne realized and she chuckled. "So you're waiting for Lord Carlisle."

When Arina heard this, she lowered her head. Her ears seemed a bit hot. That's weird, it's not very hot today. She shook her head at Joanne. No, she chirped, she was just bored. She didn't want to stay in the garden today.

"Sure. Sure, " Joanne responded, but she was still chuckling, apparently not believing Arina.

After staying by the entrance for some time, finally sounds of footsteps appear at the entrance. When Arina saw Carlisle, she hopped in front of him. Carlisle was a bit surprised to find Arina waiting at the entrance.

"Are you waiting for me?" Carlisle s

miled and patted her on the head.

Arina shook her head. No, she chirped.

"Really, then why are you here?" Carlisle raised his eyebrow, clearly not believing her. "Who else are you waiting for? Do you have an appointment with Miss Sparrow?"

Arina was about to peck at this annoying human when she remembered how she was treated every time she pecked at him. Narrowing her eyes, she just turned away and angrily hppping back to her garden. Joanne trailing behind her with the chain.

Carlisle burst out laughing and followed her into the garden. He found Arina sitting alone below the peach tree. Joanne once again locked the chain to the pillar.

"I was late today because of this." He took out a wooden box and opened it. There was a bracelet inside it. The bracelet was made of silver, with several beads. Arina touched the beads, a small smile on her face.

Carlisle took it out and gently clasped it on her wrist. Arina shook her hand, gazing at how the beads slid from one side of the bracelet to another. She was clearly intrigued by the bracelet. She was about to touch the beads again when she noticed her other hand was no longer shackled to the chain. Carlisle had released her from the chain when she was obsessed with her new bracelet.

Does that mean I can fly now? Arina thought. She wanted to fly. It's harsh tying a bird like her to the ground. She tried to flap her wings, but her feathers were still gone. She still couldn't fly.

"Do you want to go anywhere? Let's go together." Carlisle offered her a hand.

Arina looked at him. He had a smile on his face, it's different from the times when he laughed at her. That smile looked a bit... sad. After a moment of consideration, she placed her hand in his.

Arina found out to her surprise that the urge to accompany Carlisle was greater than the urge to fly.

"Let's go, " Carlisle said with a gentle smile of his face as he pulled Arina up.

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