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   Chapter 16 Past~Arina

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It seemed like I misunderstood Master Carlisle, he didn't do anything evil. Yet. Did I mistake that evil gleam in his eyes? He held me in his hand and started to stroke on my feathers gently as if trying to soothe me. He walked around his room and found a thread, similar to the one he tied around my foot last time. Then I realized what he was trying to do. As he was circling the thread around my foot, I tried to struggle, but in vain.

I understood why he tied me to a some thread. If I caught a bird who was injured, I wouldn't want it flying around or worse flying out of the room. The tiny thread was just a mean to tie the bird down. At least it's not a cage. But as long as he held onto the other side of the thread, I could not escape. My mother warned me many times that I could only stay in my bird form for at most one day. Otherwise, repercussion might start to show. Furthermore, I could not just disappear! My roommates would realize!

Gazing at the tiny knot around my foot and then at the tiny thread that wound around Carlisle's index finger, I wonder if I could escape him. Just then someone knocked on the door, Carlisle's guard, Janus, came in with a tray of food. He placed it on the table and left without a word, closing the door behind him.

Carlisle kept holding me in his hand, to prevent me from moving my injured wing. He picked up some berries from the plate and held it in front of me.

"You must be hungry, " he said with a small smile on his face. For some reason, I still had this intuition that he was planning something. That smile was not as harmless as it seemed. Something evil seemed to be lurking behind.

Was he planning to toy with me again? My guards went

round the Court! We're about to notify Master Fu!" Casey exclaimed worriedly.

Pretending to be embarrassed, I said, "I fell asleep on a bench near the lake. That place is kind of secluded, surrounding by bushes."

"Told you Arina will be fine." Lily rolled her eyes at Casey. "Who's Arina? The good student! She never violates any rule."

I violated many rules today. I silently laughed at the irony of this situation. I opened the wardrobe and dug out the box holding bandages and ointment. The bandages fell off when I shifted back to my human form. I took a look at my wound. Luckily, it's not as bad as I thought. The paste Carlisle made still covered part of the wound. I was about to wipe them away when I thought better of it. In the end, I simply wrapped my wound with a new bandage then I went to bed.

The day for receiving mails soon arrived. Together with the silk handkerchief my mother bought for me came with a simple note.

'Arina, all is well at home. The blue finch on the willow back at home finally learns how to fly. Hope everything is well for you.'

I lowered my eyes and heaved a sigh. So it's time.

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