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   Chapter 15 Past~Arina

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In the end I found a way. It's a bit risky, but it's not like I hadn't tried that before. Apprentices were just allowed to send letters to family once a month and they'd get a reply one month later. So we usually would not write anything urgent in our letters. Even though sending the letters out were so easy, only one letter per month was allowed. To train up our independence they said.

So if I had something urgent to communicate with my family or vice versa, I'd fly over in my bird form. My family was living inside the Ivory Manor too, just a restricted place for apprentices and servants. So I just had to be very careful. My plan was to ask my mother to buy a silk handkerchief from the capital and she'd just mail it to me. It's nearly end of the month, so I just had to wait for a week. Instead of two months, if I went for the mailing route. It's not that I knew a way to return the handkerchief to the young master, but at least I had a new handkerchief ready with me just in case! I could then return it whenever I bumped into him. That's common courtesy.

Everything went well. I flew over to my parent's house, but they're not in. I left a note. When I was flying back, that was when misfortune struck. My forearm was still recovering from the sword wound by Min. I nearly forgot about that. It was not very painful, but that did not mean the wound had totally healed. So when I flew over I controlled my speed within a reasonable range in order to avoid stressing my wings. But when I was getting very close to Mirror Court, a falcon dashed out and began to chase after me. I didn't even know why there was a falcon in this area. Of course I could no

ith bandages and some herbs. He crushed and ground the herbs with a mortar and pestle. Finally, the herbs became paste-like. He then took hold of my wing and applied the paste on it. Luckily, it's not that painful. The place where the paste touched felt cool, it's kind of soothing.

Did he know medicine? He returned with the herbs very quickly and prepared all the herbs by himself. Where did he find the herbs?

Finally, he was done bandaging my wound. I tried to move my wings after that, but was stopped by Carlisle.

"Stay where you are. You wanted to open that wound again? This time I would just leave you to bleed to death."

I was a bird, I was a bird, I kept reminding myself. So even with his warning, I still continued to flap my wings. I was not supposed to be able to understand him. It's already kind of weird when I just stayed calmly while he applied the bandaging on me. But that could still be explained by blood loss. But this time I couldn't stop just because he said so.

A weird mixture of laughter and evilness seemed to gleam in his eyes. Oh no... what was he planning again?

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