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   Chapter 14 Past~Arina

Gilded Cage By butterfly_effect Characters: 6167

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The birthday celebration finally ended late last night. I was just glad it was over. I was catching up with my schoolwork when I heard a flock of bird gathering over that secluded spot by the lake. It seemed like that young master came by the lake again. I still did not know who that young master was. There were currently four young masters and two young mistresses fighting to be the heir of Ivory Manor.

I had to return the handkerchief to him. As apprentice, I was not allowed to leave the Manor without clearance from my tutors, so I could just ask one of the servants working in the Manor to help me buy it from the capital. The amount would certainly be much higher than buying it myself in person. I sighed. An apprentice's allowance was not a lot to begin with.

Watching the birds gathering under the huge tree, I thought of something. I never saw the young master walking past me to his secluded spot. There must be a hidden path leading there without passing by the lake.

When I returned to my room, I opened my wardrobe and tried to dig out the purse holding all my savings. Usually, I just brought along a few coins with me in the case that I wished to buy some snacks. As for the rest of my allowance, I placed them in a purse with all my savings. But I couldn't find it now.

I took out all my clothes from the wardrobe and nearly flipped it inside out, but I still could not find it. Did I drop it somewhere? But that's not possible, I never took that purse out of this room. Someone stole it? But Ivory Manor had zero tolerance on thievery or anything bad. Once you're caught, you'd be expelled. And I was sharing my room with Casey, Lily and Sunny. We grew up together. If they needed money, they most probably would not resort to stealing.

"Arina, doing a spring clean? But it's not spring yet, " Casey laughed as sh

. In the end after considering all the way, she said, "Arina, could you... not report it to the tutor? I know you have lost some money... but... think about me! Our court reputation! I am not a star student to begin with. If it was found out an apprentice stole from another under my care, the higher-ups won't trust me! I won't be able to get a good position when I graduated! I will compensate you! Next month, when my allowance is out!"

It's not just some money. Who knew what Min had spent my money on aside from those food. It's missing a chunk of it. But what could I do? Could I insist on reporting? Casey would hate me if I did. I didn't have a lot friends to begin with and Casey was one of my good acquaintances. We still had to live together for the rest of the year!

"Fine. But you really have to look after Min closely from now on."

"Of course, of course!"

It's not that I was such a lenient person, but I really did not want to offend one of my few acquaintances. Furthermore, that evil young master had said he'd ask Min's tutor to 'look after' her, so I guess things wouldn't be good for her anyway.

Now I had better things to worry after. How should I buy a silk handkerchief without enough money?

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