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   Chapter 11 Past~Arina

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Casey clapped her hand at a beat and observed with narrowed eyes at those in front of her.

"You! Yes you!" she pointed a finger at a young girl in the second row. "Why are you always one beat later than others? And you! You nearly dropped the sword while turning, didn't you? Go practice with your sword more!"

Casey pulled her hair with her hand and muttered beneath her breath, "I am going crazy. Finally most of them remember the moves, but they're just not moving at the same time! And we're still practicing with a practice sword! Dew Court has moved onto practicing with real swords days ago!"

The senior standing next to Casey, Lily, patted her on her shoulder and said, "We'll be alright."

I nodded. "We still have a few days. Don't compare with others."

"The pressure! And I was happy when I was named Deputy! How silly was I? I thought being named Deputy meant Master Fu remembered me. I thought if he remembered me, then I might be called to take on those easy missions! Of course not! Everything goes to his gold pupil, Georgia."

"Well it's not only Georgia, " Lily said.

"There's also Tim and many other of his star pupils, " I added.

"Argh!! You! You missed a beat again! And you! You are as stiff as a board! Again, let's practice again!"

I took my practice sword and got into my place. And we practiced again and again into the night.

The event was coming up in a few days, we finally changed the practice sword into a real sword. Everyone brought out the sword they hid underneath all the clothes in the wardrobe. We as apprentices seldom used real sword. It's to prevent us from harming each other. If we're hurt before we could even go into the real world and work for the Manor, what's the point

s not so patient. It took me a few days of practicing with her before her movements were satisfactory and that she would not harm herself using a real sword. I let her practiced a few times with the real sword and nodded. At least she wouldn't stand out because of her extraordinary bad movements.

I took away her sword as soon as she finished practicing. I noticed that she had a tendency to slide the sword out from the sheath when she thought no one was looking. She loved showing off. Showing off was not a problem, but if she couldn't master the sword well, it's easy to cause accidents. She pouted whenever I took her sword away, but that could not be helped. Even Casey and Lily agreed with me.

Finally it's the day of Lord Atherton's birthday. We're waiting at the side for our turn. I just wanted this to be done with. Babysitting a stubborn child was hard work. When it was nearly our turn, I finally returned the sword to Min with a word of caution.

But apparently my advice just passed out of her ears as soon as they entered. I turned my back from her for just one second to reply to a call from Casey, then I felt a slice on my forearm.

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