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   Chapter 10 Past~Arina

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I no longer returned to that secluded spot. I didn't dare. I stayed with the bench that bathed under the sun. After that meeting with the evil young master, he continued to come to the lake every two week on the day before rest day. He no longer appeared on rest day like that time. Maybe I was just unfortunate. But to avoid further misfortune, I trained myself to be more perceptive of my surrounding as well as speeding up my response time. Being caught once was just coincidence, but twice? There's seriously something lacking in me.

The evaluation had passed without any big problems, I continued to secure my place as the average apprentice. Next up was another huge event, celebrating the birthday of the current head of the family. Each court had to think of something to perform to celebrate this event. It's a pain every year. You had to involve every single apprentice in the court and the performance should not overlap with the ones in other courts. Many important people would be invited to celebrate our leader's birthday, so the performances were also a way of showing others how strong and competent we were.

In the past, I would not be called into the meeting for deciding what to perform, I just followed the decision of the court's senior. But this year, I was the treasurer, so I needed to be present and banned everything that would lead to the bankruptcy of our court. Each court was given a certain amount at the beginning of each month. The money would be responsible for everything used inside Mirror Court. For example, food, candles, clothing, papers, inks and special events such as this one.

"It's going to be a sword dance no matter what. But we have to think of something special to beat the other courts, " Mirror Court deputy, Casey, said while pulling her hair.

That's right. In order to show the guests our power and competency, of course the demonstration would be related to sword in someway. For female apprentices, it's usually sword dance. For male apprentices, it'd be something ak

as later proven to be true. Lady Rosanne's father was outraged, but in the end he couldn't do anything because the Prime Minister held most of the power in Cregan. Even a manor as powerful as Ivory Manor could do nothing. Lady Rosanne stayed in the Manor from that day onward and her son was raised as young master of the Ivory Manor.

"Poor lady. Even though his son is really handsome and all that, but rumors have it that Lord Horace likes Master Clark more and wants him to inherit the family, not Master Carlisle. Master Carlisle was not as bright as Master Clark, people said."

"What's the problem with that? Even though Master Clark is just his great-nephew, Master Clark has a powerful power! Have you seen how he could manipulate sand and fire at the same time? Unlike Master Carlisle who could handle a sword well enough, no one knows what his power is!"

"True that. True that. But do you think he'll inherit the role of Prime Minister?"

"With the farce that happened at that time, I think it'll be..."

I cleared my throat before the two middle aged women in front of me went into topics that shouldn't be touched. The two women laughed embarrassingly and started to talk about inane topics like the weather.

I wonder who the young master I met was. Then I shook myself out of it. Did his identity matter? Nope, of course not.

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