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   Chapter 9 Present

Gilded Cage By butterfly_effect Characters: 3197

Updated: 2018-12-25 11:58

Arina was sitting at the table quietly and gazing at the peach tree. More accurately, she was gazing at the person who was practicing sword beneath the tree. It was a magnificent sight, with the flowers fluttering down and the sharp and precise movement of Carlisle.

Arina tilted her head and narrowed her eyes. For once in a long time, her brain was not telling her to fly and escape. For once, she wanted to join the man below the tree. Those movements seemed oddly familiar. Without noticing, like she was drawn to him, she hopped down the chair she was sitting on. She skipped and hopped until she was close to the man below the tree.

Carlisle had noticed Arina as soon as she had hopped down the chair. She had gotten used to him, she would no longer peck at him when he came close. She even started to sit at the table to eat even though she was still not accustomed to the use of utensils. He had hoped that this would jog her memory. She had be

t told her not grab it. The man in front of her looked like a cat waiting to catch her. But he had always been good to her, giving her anything she wanted. Surely he wouldn't harm her. She raised her hand, just before her hand touched the wooden sword, it moved back. When she leaned forward to get it, the sword moved back again. She tilted her head in confusion, why was the sword moving back every time she was about to touch it?

When she heard a soft chuckle from Carlisle, she knew he was laughing at her again. She pouted and stomped away.

From that day onward, Arina decided that she would never trust Carlisle ever again.

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