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   Chapter 8 Past~Arina

Gilded Cage By butterfly_effect Characters: 4747

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Even though the smile hanging on the young master's face seemed innocent and gentle, I could still sense a dangerous vibe coming from him. Maybe it's because of the animal instinct I had now. I tried to struggle against his hold more strongly.

He took out a tiny string from his sleeve and tied it on my left leg. He released me soon after that. I stared at the string linking me to him dumbly.

How did this happen? He didn't mean to capture me and turn me into his pet, did he? No, I could not allow that to happen. Maybe I should shift back and tell him the truth? Was your brain still with you, Arina? Who was he? The young master of Ivory Manor and you told him you had been listening in to all his secrets and watching him talk to a bird like a really lonely person? No, no. Let's stay as a bird.

"I released you and you didn't even try to fly away." He sighed dramatically. "That won't do. You'll really be chewed to death in this world. The strong eliminates the weak in this world, little bird." His eyes gleamed dangerously again.

How could I escape when I was tied on a string holding by you? I was not stupid! No, I was wrong. I was really stupid. I was not even human now, how could I think like a human? If I tried to fly away now, would that look really strange? Maybe I should act like I froze and didn't know how to act? He seemed to think I was a pretty dumb bird anyway.

He took out somethin

e mused all of a sudden.

This reminded me, didn't I just dump my sword and my belonging on the bench?

"Little bird, do you know who's the owner?" He stroked on my little head again. I chirped in response. Then just like before without warning, his gentle smile turned cold. "It's not good to find your place being occupied by others, is it?"

Was your name engraved on this bench? How would I know? Luckily, all the belongings I brought with me wouldn't be able to link that back to me. I really could not deal with this guy's mood swing. I swore I would not use this spot again, bathing under the sun was a rather good choice in comparison.

"Hope to see you next time. Don't die." He chuckled like he didn't believe that and then released me from the string tying me to him. He was about to flick at the feather on my head one last time when I hopped back and I raised my head in pride.

He burst out laughing and then he was gone.

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