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   Chapter 7 Past~Arina

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I did not dare return to my secluded spot by the lake after that incident. Instead, I observed from a bench near that spot, bringing my schoolwork and some other books with me, and stayed there whenever I was free. My aim was to determine if I could still use my secluded spot without others claiming it as well, I persuaded myself. I definitely was not trying to satisfy my curiosity as to find out who that handsome stranger was. From his words, he seemed to come here often as he was familiar with the birds residing there. But I had not seen him since the day I moved to Mirror Court.

After two weeks, he appeared again. A flutter of birds flocked the secluded spot, no doubt enjoying their additional meal. Maybe he came every two weeks? For two weeks since I had moved to Mirror Court, I had not seen him. And two weeks after that incident, he appeared again. So did that mean my secret secluded spot was still mine except for the day he visited? This seemed to lift up my mood. The bench I was currently occupying was a good spot, but it's not secluded enough and without a huge tree protecting this area, direct sunlight shone on me for an hour every day. It's too sunny.

I looked up from the book I was reading, trying to move my neck after a long time of bending forward. I was rubbing the back of my neck with my hand when I saw the stranger. He was standing by the lake and gazing at it. He wore a robe similar to last time, a simple black one with silver embroideries at the hems. Sleeves fluttering amid the gentle breeze, when they caught the sunlight, the hidden embroider

lence was shattered. I was brought into a hand of a person. I opened my eyes in shock and was met with the mocking face of the young master. He seemed thoroughly entertained.

"You're really a failure as a bird, " he mocked. "I caught you again. How can you survive in this world with such poor reflex?"

I wanted to scream at myself for my stupidity. Why didn't I notice him getting so close? Was I really such a failure? And today was rest day! Why was he here? He'd just been here last week! I tried to flap my wings or struggle out of his grasp, but to no avail.

"Don't be so frightened. I don't look like such a bad guy, do I?" he smirked.

Yes, you do. You caught me every time you met me and you said you weren't a bad guy?

Suddenly, he's chuckling. "You looked like you had human emotions. What a weird bird. You're annoyed? Do you really know what annoyance is? Do you?"

His mood seemed to suddenly turn bad, something hard and dangerous gleamed in his eyes. He took a look at me and then his mouth quirked up.

I had a bad feeling.

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