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   Chapter 6 Present

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Once again only Arina and Carlisle were left in the courtyard. Arina had now grown accustomed to Carlisle, so she was seen wandering from one place to another without any care of Carlisle.

Carlisle, just like what he had done the previous weeks, enjoyed a leisure afternoon of tea and reading. What was different this time was that when it was nearly time for Arina's daily afternoon tea, Carlisle remained sitting. He did not go searching for Arina. Instead, he started eating himself. Arina was attracted by the sweet smell. She stood a few steps away from Carlisle, a big improvement from their first encounter a few weeks back.

Arina stared at the pastry on the plate intently. She tilted her head and walked towards the table where Carlisle was. In the end, she was standing next to Carlisle. Carlisle smiled at the thought that Arina no longer detested him to the point of not allowing him to come within a radius of 5 steps. She then lowered her head to peck at the pastry on the plate, like what she normally did when she ate, which was when Carlisle pushed the plate away from her. She looked up in confusion. Annoyance began to appear on her face.

"Now you have the look of the dumb bird I met." He chuckles. "But I'd rather get back my Arina. Don't you think so?"

Arina was getting more and more a

ird. He took out a bowl from the wooden box Janus left on the table this morning and sank the spoon he was holding with his other hand into the pudding. He brought the spoon next to Arina's mouth.

"Arina, we're human. We eat with utensils." Arina eyed the spoon with curiosity while Carlisle pushed the spoon closer to her mouth. Arina opened her mouth in response.

"Do you like it?"

Carlisle placed the bowl on the table and pulled Arina up from the squatting position with him. He pushed her onto a chair. He then repeated the process of feeding her.

"Arina, next time you have to eat by yourself. You know I have no such patience. This is an exception, understand?" Carlisle added a tiny tap on her forehead as warning. Before his hand touched her forehead, Arina quickly moved back like she was used to it.

Carlisle's laughter rang throughout the courtyard.

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