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   Chapter 4 Present

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After some coaxing from Janus, Joanne finally retired to her room. Only Carlisle was left with Arina. Carlisle remained seated at the table in the backyard away from Arina. He poured a cup of tea for himself and began to read the book Janus gave it to him before he left.

Time passed, the two of them each occupying a corner of the backyard. Slowly, Arina seemed to get used to the presence of an extra person, she began to edge out of her corner. She hopped next to the cherry blossom tree and stared intently at the ribbon fluttering at the top.

Unbeknownst to her, her eyes transformed into a pair of bird eyes. Blue feathers also appeared around her eyes and on her forehead. She looked as if she was wearing a feather mask. Then she shrieked in pain and began to tug at the shackle around her wrist in frustration.

Carlisle who was silently observing Arina when she started moving took in the scene. He squeezed tightly at the book he was holding and then placed the book down in a controlled manner after taking a deep breath. He wanted to help her. He wanted to rush to her side to save her from pain. But he could not. The tingling pain from the wound Arina inflicted on him acted as a reminder. He took a look at the plate of red bea

n cake in front of him.

Arina grew tired from screaming and tugging at the chain that chained her down. The shackle that was made to suppress her shape-shifting power. She must have stolen it from the Manor's prison. It was something to use on criminals, not her. At this thought, pain pricked through his heart again.

Arina was hugging herself and staring at the chain in annoyance. Carlisle took the plate in front of him and slowly walked towards Arina. She stiffened when she saw him walking to her. All her guards went up when he was still ten steps away. She was about to hop away like birds hopping away from human who walked too close to them. That's when Carlisle stopped getting any closer to her. He slowly squatted down and placed the plate with red bean cake on the floor. He then took a step back.

"Arina, that's one of your favorites. You must be hungry. You haven't eaten anything all afternoon, " he said in a soothing manner with a gentle smile. "I will come visit you again tomorrow. See you tomorrow."

Carlisle was not certain if Arina understood what he said, but at least it's a step to establishing a relationship again. A memory of the distant past appeared in his mind. His smile turned melancholic. What fate.

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