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   Chapter 22 It's a blushing day

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When things get ugly, it is best to either ignore them or cut them out from roots. But in my case, things were different and pretty difficult. The situation in which I was stuck seemed like a plague to my life as I stumbled across a new problem as if the problems I already had wasn't enough.

"What do you say my baby gorilla?"

Just again. Ugh! I was tired of this names that my dad used for me and sometimes I felt like throwing something on him to ease my annoyance, but that would only cause me more pain for hurting my father, so I have been avoiding lashing out on him thinking someday he would understand how annoyed I get.

"Your semesters would be over by the time, isn't it?" he asked and I watched as Mr. Devlin, Keith's father smiled up at me. Leila stood to the window just looking my way as my dad and Mr. Devlin sat next to each other on the sofa looking at me expectantly.

All of a sudden early on a Monday morning, I received a call from my father and he told me to reach his office as soon as possible. I missed my classes to attend this shit where they were already discussing mine and Keith's wedding date. To say, I was dumbfounded would be an understatement.

I was already really annoyed with how the things were turning and to top of that, I hated it how they were already starting to butt in my life, making decisions for me. Just for damn business.

And not to mention, I was the first one to be called or so I thought because his absence in the room clearly told me either he was not informed or was not interested to join the damn thing leaving everything on me. As much as I knew about him, he was always punctual no matter what.

Leaving me to deal with this all by myself! Keith, I hate you!

"Whatever you think is right, " I said and got hold of my purse.

"I have an important class to attend and my attendance is not that great after attending so many events this past few months, " I said as I forced out a smile and got up from the chair.

"Really? I knew it! I told you to give them a rest. Let's not let them appear any more of side events, " Mr. Devlin spoke to my dad and my dad in return just nodded his head and looked back my way.

"Let me drop you back in your uni, " Mr. Devlin got up and before I could say anything, the door of the cabin opened and I looked back only to find Keith walking in. His hair was a mess and his eyes were bloodshot red, he had heavy breat

negatively and he nodded, looking somewhat unsatisfied.

"Your face is red, " he said and I touched my face. Sure enough, it was burning and I took my phone out and used the camera feature to check my face. Red like a tomato.

Surely, I resembled a red panda and I was scared if my dad saw me like this then the next name he gives me would be...

"Oh, it's just it's pretty hot out here, " I told him and he shrugged pulling his hoodie to him as he descended down.

"Strange that I feel really cold today, " I heard him.

To be truth, unlike the other days, today the temperature was really down but here I was feeling hot. Nobody would buy that! m


"It's alright. I can take a taxi. You don't have to drive me. If they ask you then tell them that you drove me back to my uni and I will tell them the same thing, " I said and he stared at my face for some seconds before nodding.

"Alright, " he said through his teeth and turned around walking away perhaps towards the parking while I stood there looking at his retreating back. Huh! Could have at least insisted me to tag along with him to the next street.

It's just to easy to with him.

Why do you care Vienna? He doesn't care, so should you! Mind your own business.

I turned back and walked crossing the street waiting for any taxi or perhaps bus to show up. Ironically, I saw him pass by me, driving like lightning speed. Our eyes met for a second before he drove off and I waiting there under the sun probably for an hour for bus.

I guess it would have been better if I had just shut my mouth and let him drive me off back to my uni.

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